Monday, 20 February 2012

Review: Toyota Camry Atara SX - A Family Trip

This is where we yelled "Oh what a feeling" - we're like that

Back in the days I learnt to drive in a Toyota Camry. And so it is that a great lineage of our family has driven a Toyota Camry. It's an expectation now, in our family, that when you get a new car, 90% of the time, it's a Toyota Camry.

Apparently we like the Toyota Camry.

The roses are on the verge of being dead-headed, the Crepe Myrtle is on the verge of blooming bright. We headed to the Hunter Valley this weekend in the brand spanking new Toyota Camry Atara SX. Aye. Aye. Aye.

We had such a wonderful family escape, we hung out like we haven't for ages, we swam, read, and escaped the city - all courtesy of Toyota. 

We drove hither and thither, vineyard to vineyard, checking out the scenery, the vines, the views. The gelato!

The drive was smooth! It was keyless! I love keyless because I don't have to rummage in my handbag for keys while wrangling small children. And the car? It was made in Melbourne, with love. 

I'd like to say I took it to 240kms just to check it could really go that fast - but I didn't. I trust Toyota.

I would however say this car has grunt - but it's smooth grunt. It handled well on bitumen, and I impressed Matt with my Stig-like navigation of a very bumpy, very potholious* gravel road without hitting one bump. GENIUS! 

The lowdown:
You'll like the Toyota Camry Atara because:
- it's a great family sized car;
- the keyless entry;
- the keyless lock;
- the moon roof;
- the superior safety features;
- the leather upholstery;
- the roomy boot;
- the super fuel efficiency (we drove around all weekend and still have half a tank);
- the customised lumbar support for the driver (HELLO TOYOTA!);
- it has two exhaust pipes which impressed the Doctor;
- it's a super smooth drive;
- it's customised metallic ultramarine blue - (Matt LOVES this) if you want it to be;
- it has lots of ace cup holders (I am a sucker for rad cup holders);
- it is psychic and can automatically change the temperature;
- it alters the headlights automatically - if someone's driving towards you, it will dim the high-beam

Why you won't like it:
- Because we had to give it back [insert sad face here];
- Because your partner will want to drive it and you can't hog the steering wheel

* I made that word up.


Allison said...

What impresses me most is that you had a matching dress to colour co-ordinate with the car.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Pip said...

How GREAT that you got a weekend away AND an ace car to drive! Well deserved blogger's reward! (You look lovely too!)

I want a weekend escape too. You have totally inspired me to plan one, if I can get someone to babysit les doggies! xx

Mike Littlely said...

I love any car with a sun roof.

-Mike of ontario honey