Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2012 Met Costume Intstitute Gala: Beyonce + Chloe + Lea + Donatella

Beyonce. Hottest woman in the world. What??? I've had calls that a) Ossie Ostrich called and can't find his feathers, and b) a drag queen lost her frock. On the flipside, I love your hair and make-up. That coral lip is sublime. And the hair? I could kiss your hairdresser, and then ask them to do the same to me.

Here's lovely Lea Michele posing in her lovely Diane von Furstenberg sequinned frock (which I think Joan Collins wore circa '76), but I can't look at you. Instead Chloe Sevigny and Donatella have photo-bombed you. Chloe - no. This time the joke is on you. Your stylist might have said she was inspired by the Emperor's New Clothes, but you should have known better. And Donatella? I hear there's a new Muppet movie soon. Thoughts?

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Shontelle said...

Love Donatella's frock. But that head? Good Gravy!