Friday, 19 December 2014

6 tips to create an exercise routine

It's long been documented that I am probably the most fickle exerciser that ever roamed the planet. 

I get a whiff of it and I'm into it, and then something happens (i.e. a chair lands on my foot and breaks my toe) and I am off it. 

It's simple really. I dream of being an athlete. And yet the stark reality is this. I am not. 

Every year before New Year's happens - I make pre-New Year's resolutions. Because New Year's resolutions (in my mind) are meant to be broken. Whereas a commitment beforehand is based on more mettle. 

So my pre-New Year's resolution is this: to stop being fanatical about exercise, and find a gentle rhythm where I can feel good and happy, and look after my body. A place where I am not obsessed, but where it's just part of my everyday. 

I once read Sarah Wilson write that exercise shouldn't be about slotting it in three times a week for 40 minutes, but a better investment would be every day for 20 minutes. It somehow makes it feel more manageable. Increments is what I can deal with. 

So today I'm sharing six tips with you to get yourself out the door and moving more:

1. Get your kit ready: Before bed, I lay out my exercise gear. That way it's pretty simple. Hit the alarm. Jump up. Get my gear on. A spray of deodorant and boom - I am out the door in under 10 minutes. And by the way - set your alarm and get up earlier. You CAN make time for exercise. And if you stick to my tips you will miss it if you don't do it. The University of North Texas research has shown that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with their workout than those who exercise later in the day. 

2. Organise your tunes: I have a good playlist that I love for my walks/runs/cartwheels around the neighbourhood. But you have to mix things up. You gotta keep things fresh. Rihanna is a no-brainer, those beats, yep, they get me moving, but find out what songs your friends love to work out to, and stick them on your iPod. 

3. Commit for 21 days: A long, long time ago I read about how to create a habit. A good habit. And it takes 21 days of solid commitment before that habit is made. Showing up is half the battle - once you're there, you're in! 

4. Take a friend: If you have a friend to pump iron with, you'll be more likely to show up. And have fun. And be less intimidated if you're joining a gym. Buddy up and tone up. Together.

5. Write it down: I know. This might sound crazy, but I tried this and felt like I really accomplished something. It might make you think of me as a five year old girl, but putting a cross on my calendar every time I exercised made me keep going. 

6. Perhaps the most important: Make it fun. If it's not fun, my brain starts to think of all the other awesome things I could do. Like Sleep. If you hate running, don't run. If you don't dig the gym, don't join up to the gym. Find something that you love doing, and if it starts to get laborious - switch it up.

This year it's high on my agenda. Hold me accountable. 

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Yo! Yo! Yo! Jingling all the way with the red thread

"Christmas 2005. Roxy was almost 2... this is what it's all about."

Continuing on our merry journey, chatting with some of my favourite bloggers, today I'm chatting with the lovely Lisa Tilse of the red thread

I've been lucky enough to known Lisa for a few years. Perhaps when I first started reading craft blogs and dreaming that I too could be crafty (I can't). Over this time I've had the great joy of working with Lisa. She's an immense talent, completely humble, and the kindest, most generous person you could meet. 

I freaking love her. This interview just made me love her even more. 

Let's find out what puts the star on Lisa's Christmas tree. Or what makes her baubles burst. Let's do it! 

What do you do on Christmas eve?

Sometimes we go to look at Christmas lights, but we always listen to Carols sung by Dean Martin, organise refreshments for Santa and the reindeers, and I do last minute wrapping. Oh and I always spend a protracted time asking Roxy to control her excitement and go to sleep.

Please tell me your favourite Christmas childhood memory.

I loved the year that I got my dragster bike, complete with a floral seat, handlebar streamers and a basket. I think the bike was purple. Every Christmas was special growing up though - mum planned the menu for weeks, and we always shared the day with my nan, uncles and aunts and cousins. We had a huge family feast of everything from prawns and salad to roast and vegies, pudding and ice cream cake, followed by present opening... and thankfully never any family tension or conflicts!

What did you leave out for Santa? 

Usually fruit mince pies and a beer. When I realised the truth about Santa it became clear why Santa liked the same things as my dad.

What time do you get up on Christmas morning?

We are early risers everyday, but Christmas day is even earlier. It's usually around 5 or 5.30!

Favourite part of Christmas?

Everything. I love Christmas. I love the lead up to it and the decorating and planning as well as the happiness and excitement of the actual day. The photos above capture the spirit perfectly for me: excitement, joy, magic, innocence.

What's on your wish list this year?

Honestly there's nothing that I really need or wish for, but I do always love to receive design, art and craft books.

What's one thing you'll be gifting/giving this year?

Roxy is getting to an age where she likes to make her own decisions about many things, so one of her gifts will be some cash so she can buy a couple of things in the sales.I know she'll go for clothes and books! It's also good practice for her in managing money and making choices - supervised of course!

Read Lisa's blog - the red thread - here
Follow Lisa on Instagram here (seriously, do it, you can thank me later). 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hitting the road

It's almost the holidays - I can almost taste them. Zoooweee mama! I am tired! I am sure everyone's tired. I always think it's odd how crazy tired I get at the end of the year, why now? I guess because it's all coming to the pointy end of the year, it's a sprint to get to the end, and it's a sprint carrying weights - end of year events, Christmas parties, shopping, thinking; survival of the fittest. 

Thankfully. Mercifully, the kids are now on holidays. 

And I am holiday dreaming. 

Roadtrip! Roadtrip! Roadtrip! I can hear the chanting in the back of my head. 

Yes. A few days trips are on the cards. Up to the northern beaches early in the morning for a dip, a play in the sand, a coffee with the waves crashing in the background. Yes. That's for me. Avoid the crowds, avoid the sun, and we're back home before most people have left their front door. 

A drive down south to visit my sister. Yes. To explore rock pools. Paddle in the shallows. Walking and chatting on the beach. Letting the ocean breeze ruffle our hair, the salt blow on our skin. I can taste it. 

Perhaps a day trip to visit a friend on the Central Coast and explore somewhere I've never been before. Blasting out some tunes as we discover new places and spaces. 

And in the meantime, we're going to go cruising for Christmas lights. Kerb crawling to see the biggest, brightest suburban displays. Those homes lit up with kitsch lights, the oversized Santas parachuting from rooftops, the reindeers grazing on dried out lawns, and the snowmen sizzling in 30 degree heat. We crank up the carols, and Matt, the smalls and I chat about who creates these electrical artworks. 

I can not wait to get on the road these holidays, and make memories. 

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Life's too short not to have a Christmas tree

This year I had given up on having a Christmas tree. I felt too tired. Too sick. And it was too much to think about hauling an oversized prickly tree home, and then no one seemed to have any Christmas trees left, and I didnt have the energy to ask Matt to search for one, so I quietly forgot about it. Instead we pulled out our very small and unassuming fake tree and I thought - "that will do."

And then I woke up this morning and felt a bit better (in myself). But immensely sad. Like the biggest grey cloud was settling in above Sydney. How do you move on when others won't be able to? 

But we must. As painful as it is when you are grieving, life goes on. And there's something comforting in that fact too.

I drove past a service station - and lo and behold - a swarm of Christmas trees. I pulled over. I walked in and paid my money. The man who served me said: "Have you got someone to help you get it in your car?" I replied, no. He said: "How are you going to get it in your car?" I told him I'd wrangle it in. He laughed. I thought - clearly you don't know my mother, Chief Wrangler of Things. He told me he'd see if someone could come out and help me. I walked back out. And I wrangled that tree into the car. And before he'd even come out, I was in my car and driving off. 

Life's too short not to have a Christmas tree. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

I have gastro. Go on. Be jealous

This is day 6 of having gastro. Seriously. I wake up every morning thinking - this is it! I am better. And then I am dumped straight back to where I feel like my stomach is Mt Vesuvius. 

My stomach is not a great place to be. It's not good. It's not pretty. And I feel so rotten.

Which is only made worse when I look on Instagram and see everyone's having fun. Getting ready for Christmas. Decorating. Gifting. Partying til the break of dawn. 

Damn you! I shake my fist from my bed. 

For me it's bed and the bathroom. No beyond. I'm double-handedly keeping the disinfectant business in trade. I'm pretty certain they've doubled their sales in the last week. Lucky them! 

The cat has been my constant companion throughout. Because who wants to spend time with Gastro Girl? No one. And I don't blame them. But the cat? He comes and sleeps on the bed during the day. He's my one true friend. Sigh.

And if one more person tells me to think of the weight loss - I am going to puke on them. Weight loss is the last thing on my mind when I feel like my stomach is about to explode. 

Please. Send me entertainment.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: For Teenage Boys

Teenagers. Ah teenagers. So angsty. So cool. 

I remember being a teenager so well. And then I cringe. 

But let's not talk about me wearing oversized Keppers and Malcolm X t-shirts. No. Let's press on and talk about my ideas for Christmas gift giving for teenagers. Then we can all celebrate something. Lolz. 

Without further ado. YOLO. 

1. DIY Synth Kit X Technology Will Save Us from Third Drawer Down $45: Make your own electro musical instruments with this cool kit that requires no soldering required. This could keep them busy for hours. 

2. Folding Crate from The SuperCool $5: Available in a whole range of colours, these would make a cool gift to get your teenager to tidy their room (but pretend it's on their terms). You could pop a few goodies in there, and organisation could soon be the new nirvana. Just no one tell Kurt I said that. 

3. Pizza pillowcase from Kip & Co $24.50: As someone that was once a teenager, I can tell you, sleep is pretty good. And so is pizza. So why not combine these two great loves into one dreamy reality?

4. RVCA Chine 5 Panel Cap from Surfstitch $39.95: They'll look cool - and have some sun protection. 

5. Tre table lamp from Freedom $139: Give the gift of good lighting! Whether it's on a desk or a bedside, I really, really love this lamp (so much so that I own two!). It's a really practical task lamp, that oozes style. 

6. Clear Start Trial set from Dermalogica $35: I once gave some of this to my nephews and they really loved it. Remember battling your skin woes when you were a teenager? Well this is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

7. Voice and Accents workshop at the Australian Theatre for Young People $160: Get them mixing with some fresh peeps, give them a boost of confidence and arm them with some new skills to have fun! 

8. Movie Gift Card from Event Cinemas $25: Who doesn't love going to see a movie on the big screen? 

9. Everlast Prime Mantis Boxing Focus Pads from Rebel $80: Encourage them to get fit and get all their frustrations out with some swift manoeuvres and a great energy outlet. 

10. Pineapple lamp from Lark $195: Big ticket item, but heck, it packs a punch (but don't add this to the punch). Gifting pieces for their bedroom can get them in there and tidying up before you can even pour yourself a pina colada. 

Want more ideas? 

What about some daily fragrance - you could make a whole gift pack up! (My sister did this once and the boys LOVED it - complete with a toiletries bag to hold everything.)

Tickets to a game? Sydney Kings are in their high season. Get court side together. 

Vouchers are always good - for music, books, or clothes. You can never fail. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Pssst! Got a cute baby? (sp)

I just have to tell you this. After buying a Claire Aristides gift for a very good friend recently, I've become a bit obsessed with her jewellery. Claire's. Not my friend's. Although her jewellery is very beautiful too. 

However I got chatting to Claire, which in turn led to the Yo Mama! interview. And me being all crazy in love with her.

If you have a cute baby (man, I wish I did!), you simply must enter your wee one in the Claire Aristides Baby Face competition. 

It closes on Monday, so get your snaps in pronto and enter - all you have to do is share a pic on Facebook or Instagram, and hashtag #ClaireAristidesBabyFace #CABabyFace and tag @clairearistidesjewelry.

For more details, head here where you can find the very impressive list of prizes.