Monday 14 July 2008

Another Genius Idea - Muffin Tin Monday

I saw this genius idea from Sycamore Stirrings on The Crafty Crow. I've been meaning to have a crack at it - but of course I needed to wait 'til Monday.

So today - we have Muffin Tin Monday.

My little dude ate everything. EVERYTHING. Except for two sections because he was just too full.

This is such a great idea for many reasons, toddlers get to feel independent and 'choose' what they eat. It looks enticing. It's less mundane than prepping a sandwich every day. Bit size treats are a bit more exciting than a regular sandwich. It's good to mix things up for everyone involved, visually as well as nutritionally.

I was surprised to watch in what order everything was devoured. And while there is chocolate starring in one little 'pot' - it wasn't the first thing to go. This is how lunch went down: popcorn, celery, seaweed crackers, mandarin, sausage, rice biscuits, pb sandwich and on and on it went.
Usually I have to keep reminding him to sit and eat his lunch - not today.
Muffin Tin Monday is going to be a regular occurence in our house. Oh yes, yes it is.


katy said...

great muffin tin meal, great post! Thanks for playing along - I'm off to add you to the Muffin Tin Mama list.

Don't forget to join the flickr group:


Christie said...

what a great idea!

flossy-p said...

WOW! That's awesome. I'm even keen to try it for myself, although I'm not sure I could eat all that in one go. Your little man did very well!

Wheats said...

"My little dude at everything."

So, please explain, what is it that your little dude does at everything?????

Stacey said...

Great idea!
On weekends my boys have a "finger food lunch" as they call it. It usually involves a boiled egg, some cubes of cheese, crackers, diced carrot and some fruit. They love it.
It is interesting to see the order in which they consume, isn't it? One goes for a bit of everything, the other completes one thing before moving onto the next.

Michelle said...

That is such a good idea!

alby said...

Incredible! I'm going to trial Muffin Pan Day as well, I love it! Although, I can't believe your kid ate the celery.... mine would have used it to poke into the baby's ears.