Thursday, 12 November 2009

Top Of The Pops

Conversations with the Doctor have yielded some pearlers of late.
  • When discussing the possibilities of why his toast could have been over-done, "Well I'll have to borrow a book from the library about toast then."
  • When he was lying in bed with me, I felt terribly unwell and told him not to touch me, and I did say, I'm sorry Doctor, please move over and don't touch me, to which the Doctor responded, "Oh Mummy, it's nothing to be sorry about."
  • "Mum bought me some ink suncream." I didn't. I bought him some 30 + zinc sun cream. Zinc and ink. You tell me the difference.
  • "So Dad, when did you and I meet?"
  • "Look Mum, that's cool, I'll have to Christmas list it." Anything he sees that he likes, he Christmas lists.
While our parent-child relationship is blossoming (it would be hard not to in comparison to my current parent-child relationship with Tiny). He does drive me insane with his all-day everyday commentary of absolutely everything that is happening, or that's about to happen, or that has already happened. Or the need to continually recap everything, I love listening to his vocabulary grow. I never have the heart to correct him when he mispronounces words (animals = aminals) because let's be real here, he's not going to be saying the same at 18, so why rain on his parade?

The Doctor's verve for learning. For discovery. His inquisitiveness. I hope to nurture it. Some days, I admit, we have bad days, but for the most, I love to watch him grow.


Liesl said...

Oh I LOVE the quotes .... but the "So Dad when did you and I meet" is priceless!

My sister keeps telling me to write all the boys' quotes down - there's been some corkers but they are easily forgotten. I did love the other day when just-turned-3 Bargy answered "I certainly can indeed, Mum".

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

Thats super-adorable. He sounds like he's just a great kid! Empathy out the hoo-ha. You've mede me think about little Ivy's corkers of late. Will link.

Aussie-waffler said...

The Dr and the basil, growing in gentle harmony. Aww, I love his quotes, absolute gems. x

teddybearswednesday said...

What a gem the Dr is. I love all the quotes. He's going to be a heartbreaker..

Anonymous said...

Lovely boy. Treausre every moment and encourage his talk, then he'll keep talking right through his teens and you'll be so very glad of it.

heather said...

he is sweet. i need to do more of this chronicling of what the little people in my house say! thanks for the reminder!