Thursday, 13 January 2011

Like A Noticeboard

I've just been reading about the mixture of tragedy and triumphs throughout the Queensland floods. I feel completely shattered, and can't even imagine how those who have been affected are feeling right now. One million times worse.

I'm going to grow a list of ways you can help during this devastating time. There are so many great ways you can help, and as with the Victorian bushfires, it's going to be a long time 'til recovery.


Mon Petit Poppet - toy drive

Make It Perfect- updating on Monday with lots of auctions

Chunky Chooky

Yardage Design

Ric Rac

Evaporaid (on this Friday)

Onya Magazine (details of event to be posted today)


If you want to link to this post, or know of something that I should add, please let me know! Let's consider this a community pinboard of sorts.


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I just launched my giveaway with strings too. I hope you don't mind me saying so here.

rachelmp said...

I'll have a childs appliqued bag with bears in a rocket, and a baby quilt up for auction on Monday. They have been projects in Homespun Magazine. It's fantastic to see all the bloggers fundraising to help support the community

Steph said...

I am trying to organise a softie drive for all the kids in emergency shelters at present (and probably for a good while yet). Seeing suburbs 15 minutes away under water is surreal and so very heartbreaking. Would love if you would spread the word. Thanks so much :) x

Kate said...

My auction is up.
A crocheted cushion cover.
But like you said, I'd rather be doing somehing a bit more hands on.

Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

You are awesome, thanks Lexi for spreading the word about how people can get involved.