Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Flood Waters: Frog & Snake

You might know that our Sunshine State, Queensland, is battling against some mighty flooding. The flooding is so widespread, flash flooding terrifying, and the extent of damage is devastating.

If you're in Queensland - we're thinking of you, hoping you are safe.

Information hotline for friends and family: 1300 993 191
You can visit the Australian Red Cross website to register and let family & friends know you are safe.
You can donate via the Australian Red Cross too.
You can donate to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal here.

Twitter is alive with support and call outs to help Queenslanders. The community spirit is well alive.

Just like these two pictured above. A green frog hitching a ride on a brown snake. Clearly the green frog has not read The Gingerbread Man, hopefully he hops off because the snake gets hungry.

via NineMSN


Little Pinwheel said...

that image is amazing and says it all. x

Kate said...

I wonder if that pair will be to these floods what that koala drinking from the fireman's drink bottle was to the fires.

Evie said...

that is an awesome image. bless that little froggy and that he too makes it to safety along with his ride x

Norbyah said...

i can't believe it. my aunt and uncle lost so much in the last flood--they'd just sold their home and had most of their belongings on the lower level ready to move out when the floodwaters filled thier home. now they're packing up and evacuating their new home. i'm thinking of them and all the others who are having to face this so soon after getting their lives back up again.

what an image!