Sunday, 20 March 2011

Everybody's Doing It

Ok peeps, so listen up - we now have three drop off points throughout Australia.

Here it is:

Calico & Ivy
10 Birchgrove Road
Balmain, NSW 2041

Calico & Ivy
10 Glyde Street
Mosman Park, WA 6012

(lovely Danielle) @
Hello Owl
43 Miles Street
Bald Hills, Qld 4036

EDIT:: (New drop off location)
Nest Studio
147 Magill Road
Stepney, SA 5069
(Thursday to Saturday: 11am - 3pm)

What can you do? Donate a handmade or new soft toy for donation to a child in Japan.
Why? A soft toy can say so much, plus they're a great comfort to children who have been traumatised and who have nothing. A cuddle with a soft toy can bring a sense of comfort to someone in need.
How? Stitch one with love, or choose one with your heart. All donated toys will be sent to Save the Children in Japan for distribution.
When? Now! Time is of the essence.
Who? Who's doing it? Amy @
Badskirt. Lisa @ The Red Thread. Cath @ Chunky Chooky. Cindy @ Bug & Pop. Anna @ Hey Bubbles. Kelly Louise @ A-tisket, A-tasket. Jess @ Teddy Bear's Wednesday. SpectacularFairyWren. June @ I Sew Cute.
What else? The girls at
Calico & Ivy Balmain are available to help if you need some guidance with stitching your own softie.

Can you help bring a little joy to a little person?


Monique said...

Hey Lexi

Can I post something to Calico and Ivy? I won't have a chance to get down to drop it off. Ellie and I are off to buy something lovely with all our hearts because I don't have the time in my days to make something that will be ready any time soon.

Thanks for getting this rolling. You are ace.


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

I am so pleased I found you :)

Have written a post on my Dolly Donations: Sending Love 1 Dolly at a Time! Blog:

Good luck with the drop off drive,

Take care & Happy Sewing!


ChingyPingy said...

I'd like to help out too - I'll get started...

the daughter journal said...

Love this little button and what a great idea. I would like to let you know that I am running an AUCTION on my facebook page. Loads of kids designers and store owners have kindly donated some of their creations for the auction.
Take a look

You may find something you like.

Vicki xx

trudi@maudeandme said...

Hi Lexi,only new to blogging and have just discovered your blog. What a great idea this is.Have just put up a post about it and hope it brings in some more toys. Is there a postal address for Balmain?And is there a deadline date? cheers Trudi

Suz said...

I can make one:) Can we send to those drop off points too? I live in Melbourne

val said...

Hi there I googled for softies to Japan and found YOU! I have some already to go but live in the UK, do you have any help to offer me?
I sent teddies to Queensland and NZ for the floods and earthquake, do you think I could post my softies to one of your drop offs and they would just get added to the Aussie ones?
I so want to help.
love to you
Val xx said...

Hey Lexi, great idea, would love to help. I have posted on my blog
and am wondering too if i can send it via mail as I am in Melbourne. Thanks for the inspiration.
Sharon x

amelieandatticus said...

my softies delivered today:

Thanks so much for organising this!