Friday, 7 October 2016

Day 7 - Frocktober 2016: HOORAH! Sunshine, Blue Skies + Graff

By day - cool blue. 

That's right motherfrockers! Day 7 - one week deep and 7 frocks down. PHEW! 

Why am I doing this? You may ask. 

This is my fifth year fundraising for Frocktober - with all funds going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

To date I've raised over $31K, and I'm ready to make even more to help fund research into ovarian cancer. 

There is NO early detection test. 

Together we can help fund research to find out more about this insidious disease. 

Sponsor me today! (Please!)

By evening - this Obus beauty. With one of my closest friends. ;)

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