Saturday, 26 January 2008

A Leaky Old Boat

After some green playdough was pulled out of the cupboard this morning for my son and my nephew, I realised how old and dry it was. I quickly whipped up two new batches. One pale pink. The other Tiffany blue. Oh how fab. Sadly, the Doctor didn't see my vision, he just merged them together to make an inky green-purple. Hmph! And then promptly stuck his trains in them. Double HMPH!

We're now in the midst of trying to get him down for a brief one hour sleep. He is stubborn, that's for certain. We've told him we're going to yum cha once he wakes up, but that still doesn't seem to harness his never-dulled enthusiasm for trains. He's now playing with them on the floor of his bedroom. I've tried bribing him with the lobsters and the crabs that he'll see - and still he's not going to sleep. Doubly frustrating when he didn't go to bed til 10:15pm two nights running, and still doesn't sleep in.When will his batteries run out?

Meanwhile, in another room, our babe is sleeping soundly. A triumph.

Speaking of sleeping, this week has been one of those weeks I haven't been doing too well. My day sleeps which were ceremoniously part of my day have dwindled. Heath Ledger's death stuck in my mind and I couldn't shake thinking about it. His poor baby girl. His sad family. Oh what a life.

Then my mum arrived, and I hate going to sleep when she's around, I might miss out on something.

So needless to say, I look forward to bed at night. We're still feeding three hourly most nights which isn't so bad, given my track record with mastitis. Though, our bed has transformed into a bit of a leaky boat. I switched breast pads momentarily, I usually like the Pigeon breast pads, but thought I'd try something different (hey, here's a bit of mummy based fickle consumerism) and bought the Johnson & Johnson ones.. Big mistake. My first night I kept waking up feeling wet and cold. Wet and cold are two adjectives that don't conjure good feelings for me. When sleep is already a luxury, waking up feeling wet and cold ain't good sisters. It ain't no good at all.

So there's my red hot tip on breast pads. If you're reading this, and not had babies yet - don't be disturbed, it's really not that bad. It's just a matter of comfort, and when I'm not comfortable I am grumpy.

Bah humbug!

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lindyandmark said...

Oh dear wet cold boobies! I never swayed from Pigeon, they cost a bomb, but are soooo worth it. Johnson & Johnson suck.