Sunday, 9 March 2008


Noah and I are embarking on some Easter projects. Eggies to be precise.

On Friday we started with some foam eggs. After hearing the words 'Easter eggs', I think Noah decided to check if they were the real deal, and took a bite into one. Sadly for him, I don't think it was nearly as exciting as he was anticipating, the foamy goodness. He didn't go back for seconds!

I primed the foam eggs with some PVA glue and water beforehand. Once that was dry we went hammer and tongs and painted them (with the same paint we're using for Scout's little canvases). Once the paint was almost dry, Noah got to work decorating them, how he saw fit. Here are two examples of his handiwork, with a bit of help from me!! Half way through he decides he's finished, or even one dot later - and he's onto the next gig, so I tried to work some mummy magic. Pretty cute collaborative work, I took my direction from him, egg-cellent. No apologies - pun definitely intended.

This week we'll start working on some other Easter projects to keep the creativity running thick!

So while we undertook this small fry project, I had itchy fingers to do something for myself. I've been aching to do something, but the thing is - I am not exactly a dab hand at crafting, sewing or anything visually creative. But after talking Matt into giving me Jenny Hart's 'Sublime Stitching' for Christmas, I have finally come to the point where I can procrastinate no longer. I had to get stitching. So I stocked up on some candy coloured floss, as well as some beautiful hues my sister had given me for my birthday (in my too-good-to-use embroidery hoke tote that she made for me - hahaah, Choc, I had to use that, it makes me laugh).

Slowly I am stitching my way through the stitch lesson. I have to say, I am not crazy for chain stitch. Mine is completely messy - but you have to start somewhere!

Here goes my novice embroidery. Be prepared for clumsy stitches, loose links, and who knows what else. But at least I am trying!
NB - Further to my spiel on eggies, I've just seen that there are lots of great Easter ideas over at Kids Craft Weekly. Sign up if you haven't already!

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