Sunday, 9 March 2008

Singapore Sling

I'm done with cocktail hour. But this little sling is just the thing for the bewitching hour, or getting out and about with babe close to my warmth and the boom-boom-boom (or gagoong, gagoong - ala Patrick Swayze - hey nobody puts Baby in the corner - just in the sling) of my heartbeat. I think it's why my little babes are pretty calm little cats.
I bought this Baba Sling back when I was pregnant with Noah. I used it quite a bit when he was a wee bub, and even right up until around 9-12 months (they can be used up to two years - yikes!). If I was nipping to the shops or didn't want to take the pram, it was perfect to just pop him in and tote him around. Plus that closeness with your babe. Sigh. There's nothing quite like it.
Now Scout's making good use of it too - and I think it will get even more use from her now that I'm more confident using it. There are seven different ways to use it, and Scout loves it - sleeps well in it, and then I can just push the single pram around if Noah doesn't want to hotfoot it around town. Noah thinks it's pretty cool and calls it "Mummy and Scouty's pouch" - he also has a keen interest in kangaroos.
So Scout's more of a sling baby - so when we went to swimming a few weeks ago, and I pulled out the pram for Scout to sleep in, and settled her in there - Noah aghast said "What about me? Where am I going to fit?". Poor little tike thought I was putting him out.
Sweet sling love. Even if it's non-alcoholic.

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Sarah said...

Schling ding a ling. That photo is precious!