Friday, 11 April 2008

So Much To Tell You

It's my third post in one day, I must be going for some kind of record, but heck, I have so much to post about and I need to do it while I can!

I've been busy, and must get even busier to make the post, working on this little project for Phoebe's upcoming birthday. I am loving doing this! It's so nice stitching, the quiet rhythm, solace in sewing... I am a big fan of Sublime Stitching because for the first time I am stitchin' baby! I hope the little lady loves it.
I did have to do home economics at school, and as part of that we covered sewing. I never really took to it much, instead one of my sister's used to come home on uni holidays and do my projects for me (no wonder I was always in the principal's office!). I enjoy seeing the pictures come to life with each stitch.

And this is my find of all finds at a church sale held last weekend. A gorgeous vintage dress ready to hang in Scout's room. I scored some great finds at the sale, and will hopefully blog about them later!

Happy weekend!

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Sarah said...

Holy cuteness all round!