Wednesday, 7 May 2008

This Is...

The pair of shoes I'd sleep in if I could - if I was the Princess and the Pea.. My beloved wedding shoes. Not entirely comfortable, but damn fool, they look good! I just don't get to wear them that often... I must book more dates with Matt.

And these are the boots that I'd sleep in if I could, not only for comfort - they are very much my favourites - and they were a bargain on sale, I wear them all winter, with jeans or skirts, they are the top!

Thanks to Hip Hop & Banana Bread for this week's theme!


Leni and Rose said...

Just found your blog, it's lovely! I'm a sucker for a pair of great boots, and your weddng shoes are lovely as well!

Sarah said...

Agghhhh... that was a great wedding! It was good to log on tonight to see some familiar shoes! Sounds funny but all this tripping around has plunged me into a bit of homesickness - but seeing my sisters beloved shoes has filled me with comfort and familiarity, thanks!

three buttons said...

Hello Potty Mouth Mama : )

What pretty sleeping shoes you have there and some very nice boots!

I've finally had a chance to add your blog to my This is roll! Thank you for playing!!! YAY