Sunday, 11 May 2008

This Is...

...what reminds me of my Mum.

Estee Lauder's 'Youth Dew'. I remember lying on Mum and Dad's bed and watching Mum get ready to go out for dinner. Helping her choose accessories. She always looked beautiful and elegant.

And that last minute spritz of 'Youth Dew' before they left for the evening. Mmm.

I love when I catch a smell of this on someone, it instantly evokes those fun times when I was small (and even well into my teenage years).
Mum must have been waaaay before her time because Tom Ford re-invented 'Youth Dew - Amber Nude' with a whole ancillary range. It's meant to be lighter.. But hey - the original is the best because of the warm feelings it evokes.
And the best piece of advice: 'Don't eat too much cheese'.
Happy Mother's Day!


flossy-p said...

hmmmm, I used to love sitting on my mum's bed watching her get ready to go out... picking out some earring choices for her. Nice memories :)

Maureen said...

A mother's perfume is such a good memory.