Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A Bad Habit

I must confess to having a bad habit. I'm going to use my blog as my confessional.

I go to haby shops and buy embroidery floss - but always wind up buying the same ones. Even when I seek to buy something new to add to my ever-growing palette, I always wind up with the same darn colours.

Take today for example. I went to buy a neutral shade, I have a huge array of pinks, purples, a growing selection of blues and greens, a small number of yellows, so I needed some neutrals to add to the mix.

Instead I came home with eight new skeins. And when I went to add them to my collection, I realised I already had four of the same (still waiting to be used). What happened to variation? As for that notorious neutral. Well I bought one. One piddly neutral.

I need an intervention.
Happily though, I am drawing inspiration from some images I recently saw of India. It's a colourful country I'd love to visit one day. Imagine all those marigolds, all those battered brightly painted walls. Imagine all those saris. Hmmm.
So here's an update of where my pillowcase is up to. I must say, I have a thing for pillowcases - another confession. I love vintage pillowcases. And I love embroidering pillowcases. Would Freud tell me this speaks of my current lack of sleep? Or am I trying to 'pretty up' my sleep to have more fanciful dreams? Who knows, who cares, I just love them!


Kirsty said...

I love a vintage pillowcase too.

On the colour thing...when you are on a winner - stick with it.

Sarah said...

Ooooo...that pillowcase is looking good!

Nanette said...

Isn't it lovely over here! Love the emroidery - most impressive! Thanks for the quilt comments too!

leslie said...

i LOVE the stitching you've done so far and the colours look perfect to me - you must be on to a good thing : )