Monday, 16 June 2008

The Dog Ate My Homework

12 Squares Photo #3

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The dog did eat my homework. Or really - the weekend ate my crafting time. I didn't get to my puffs. I'm sorry. I did however almost finish my embroidery project, I got some serious stitching time on Saturday night in front of a movie. I can almost tick it off.. But the puffs.. They are left wanting - yet again!

I have to revisit the HELLOMynameisHeather tutorial here. Yes, yes I know they are super easy (hence they are my very first debut sewing project) but somehow between when I started my project (maybe September??) and now, I've forgotten what to do!

I will get stitching. Deduct some marks from me if you must, but life in general has gotten in the way off a good stitching session.

In the meantime enjoy these Suffolk Puffs posted above that I found on Flickr.

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Sarah said...

If this were a school report, it would read:-

Alexandra is easily distracted. She needs to concentrate on the task at hand.....even if it means that the children eat baked beans for a week, the husband has no clean shirts and you cannot see the floor through the mess. She is however making good progress on her embroidery, clearly an area which highlights her talents.