Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Happy Things From Our Little Spot in the World

I've made a few brilliant discoveries this week.

Firstly, that the show I had been hankering to take my little ones to at the Sydney Opera House is now on, so I booked tickets to go next week. My husband is an artist, so I thought it apt that we go and see a kids show about an artist, a man painting on perspex. It looks vibrant and abstract, I hope my little guy likes it.

It also reminded me of Amber's idea at this weeks Kids Craft Weekly - exploring light and texture, and in particular, painting on perspex. I think that's one to do next week after we've visited the show.

My second happy discovery involves shoes. The words 'happy' and 'shoes' should always be related. I have big feet. So big in fact that my husband can wear my sneakers. So sexy. So, so sexy. I was googling to find some flats that were a bit cool (please read: not 'comfort' shoes) and I stumbled upon this... Brilliant bit of cyber sleuthing I must say. So for any big footed babes, this is the destination. Despite the $45 shipping fee to Australia, it's a good deal, and better than wearing sneakers/thongs/or too-tight shoes for the rest of your life. Hey - I can vouch, I'm like a kid in a candy shop and I've already ordered two pairs!

I horrified my sister last week when I told her I had stopped wearing deodrant. Dead silence was the response. Alas, I have changed (again) and gone with a crystal deodrant - hey I didn't smell - it's winter and I am no sweaty betty! But this leads me to my third happy discovery... This book. So many great ideas to go green, even the smallest things can help. You can visit the website too - there's loads to read up on, and it's all simple. You don't have to go searching high and low for things, it's about making going green easy!
And before anyone says anything about shipping shoes from the US not being very green, yep, I hear you - but being a size 12 shoe, I can never find shoes that fit. They're either gone early in the game, or they just don't make/stock them. So I'll just be extra good in other parts of my life. It's not easy being green, but I can try.


Sarah said...

What great happy things! I look forward to your review on the perspex artist - sounds good! Yes, I was shocked at the thought of no deodorant! But don't worry, I couldn't smell you from over here! Can't wait to see your nu shoes.

Leni & Rose said...

Have fun at the show, looks very interesting!

Leni & Rose said...
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what a cool mom you are...:)


Amber said...

I have a saved search for 'Kids Craft Weekly' so I can check out what people like from the newsletters - that's how I got here :)

Am so glad I did - hadn't heard about the show at the Opera House - looks fantastic. I'm going to book tickets right now!

Thanks for the headsup!