Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

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I'm sure everyone has a 'dream bedroom'.

In mine, we have a sprawling bed and a bedhead with a story to tell. A pale pink silk duvet (my grandmother had one filled with feathers - such a romantic memory), vintage floral sheets (or paisley), an old gypsy style shawl on the foot of our bed for night feeds, piles of cushions, rustic nightlights. Big old rugs adorn the floor, photos of our beloveds on a mantelpiece above a disused fireplace, alongside old vases sprouting with peonies and dahlias, petals falling to the floor, and the room rich with the scent. A big old bookshelf houses our favourite night-time reads.

And curtains that block out the light so that little people don't think that at 5:40am it's time to wake up.

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Sarah said...

Romantic. I'd definately opt for some french linen sheets all crisp and white on a huge, huge bed. Big blooming roses on the bedside. Mmmm....