Saturday, 12 July 2008

Inedible Doughnuts

Firstly, for some reason Blogger keeps rotating my photos. It's annoying. That's my disclaimer. Now I can continue.
MollyChicken had this genius idea to make pom poms out of fabric scraps. Such a gorgeous idea (go check out her daughter's beautiful bedroom, and that quilt, oh that quilt!). I decided to give it a go too with great results.
I had a big box of fabric scraps that my sister had given me, that I'd completely forgotten about. Until now! Such a fun and simple project, and it's something that I think I'd like to try with my little guy. I think it's manageable (with a little help) and perfect for these chilly days.
I think they even look good in the first stage of winding the fabric around and around the cardboard. Like doughnuts. Or a little fat crown!


Sarah said...

Looks great Al. Specially on Scouty's head! Oh and watch out - Wheats has got his own google log on. I'm sure he will be leaving random comments here and there, esp. when we likey something!

Kirsty said...

Those fabric pom poms are gorgeous aren't they. I agree - they look very cool at the winding stage.

Leni & Rose said...

Great pom poms! The rotated photo looks kinda cool in that angle, I didn't even know it was wrong! Still can't find a solution for you about that on any Blogger sites - so maybe it's not a blogger thing, maybe it's a thing with your image editor?

Hila said...

awww, what a cutie :)