Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Kind Of Rebel I Am

I don't get parking tickets. Never had one. Never been to gaol. Never been in trouble (well except for being kicked out of almost everyone of my Year 11 modern history classes - sorry Mr Lawler). I am a law-abiding citizen.

So no wonder the law-abiding citizen inside of me has just quivered in fear at the sight of a letter from my local council.

This is the kind of rebel I am. It's for outstanding library books. What kind of crazy am I? A book-loving kind of crazy, James Dean loving, Marlon Brando adoring kind of geek-crazy.


Huh? But I returned these books ages ago. Given they were late.. Yes, maybe a few months ago, but at $117.20, I should have kept the damn things. Sold them on Ebay. Made curtains out of them. Wallpapered them all over our bedroom. Had a bath in them. Rolled around in them. Slept on those fine 400 count pages. But, they weren't $117.20 worth. No way. Well I didn't get $117.20 worth of fun from them, that's for certain. They were mainly children's books about trains. And you know how I feel about trains.

Any ideas how I can remove this fine so it doesn't tarnish my law-abiding reputation. I can't even go to the library for the shame. How can I explain this to my kids without having to move to Mexico.

The word is out folks, I am a book nerd.


CurlyPops said...

$117.20.....are they serious! Isn't there some sort of library fine cap like at the video shop???

Sarah said...

Oh no! That's seriously bad. I would ring them and explain that it will take a week of the kids eating baked beans and homebrand chicken noodles to pay this debt off! Maybe they do community service! Kidding. Mexico sounds good. Don't forget to wear your hair like Frida.

Anna said...

Wow, $117 is crazy... I just joined our local library too because I decided I have to start spending more responsibility and I don't really need to own all the books I like to read. But with those kinds of fines maybe I should stick to buying the books. I am always late returning things too, this does not bode well. Hope you find a way around it :)

Felicia said...

Hum, perhaps those fees reflect replacements costs for the books. They may remove that part of the fee since you've returned them. Librarians are people too. I say go in and give it a go to try to get those fees either removed or reduced :)

Mrs.French said...

a "rebel" and a "nerd" are my kind of girl!

Christie said...

I think you should keep the books & become a book renegade!!

Is there a payment plan!?

Wheats said...

So pottymouthmama, a quick question if I may?

"...being kicked out of almost everyone of my Year 11 modern history classes...". When you say "everyone" do you mean every person in that class, or do you mean every class????

Please explain.

Crystal said...

I get you, my friend. I have to hide our fines from my husband they are so unbelivable. I don't even bother paying the fines and returning the books...I just keep books and pay for them. It would seems the price is the same. Stinkin, I mean library.