Sunday, 6 July 2008

This Is...

My most treasured childhood posession.. Which really isn't a posession at all - it's my memories.

Growing up in a small town I am sure it was fuel for vivid imaginations.

This is me in our chook food bin. I must be about three or four. I got in there of my own accord. I remember my sisters and their friends climbing up on the fence, which was covered in ivy (I think) - I think I was too small to get up there. I remember feeding the chickens. My Mum and Dad tell me how enthusiastically I showed them the duck I had picked up - by the neck (and subsequently killed in my gusto). Jumping into swimming pools when I couldn't swim - not once, but twice and needing to be pulled out by my Mum (sorry Mum, the water looked so good). Standing on nails in bare feet. Ouch. Treading on a bee in bare feet and Mum whisking me up and popping me on the washing machine so she could get the sting out. Dad and I wearing our matching velour tracksuits. Our cats. I had such fun. Hiding in bushes. Riding bikes down the driveway. Following my sisters around, everywhere. Mixed lollies from the BP station. Eating Sao biscuits with plastic cheese on hot summer days with my best friend James.

Rose petal stamps with my grandmother Nonny. Standing on the stools in their kitchen, making cupcakes (that love started early), and Nonny letting me add strawberry flavouring - to this day I still remember them being the sweetest best tasting morsels ever. A pink silk feather duvet. Watching the proms on ABC with Nonny and Patty on Friday nights and eating fish and chips. Patting Chordy the cranky cat. The crepe myrtle that I still daydream about. Hanging washing on the line, with the scent of wisteria blowing over. Throwing tea on the rose bushes. Ranunculus, petunias, sweet, sweet peas - lines of them in the front garden. Patty looking over the top of his glasses at me, long neck of DA covered with a handkerchief.

And visiting our other grandparents on their property. Making the best cubbyhouses out of sticks - I still feel excited when I think of those. Driving on my grandfathers lap through the paddocks. Making Soda Streams when it was hot. Or just because. Limits biscuits (remember those??!). Daxie the sausage dog, loved him. 'Washing' my singlet in the toilet when I was three or four - goodbye singlet. The smell of the oven. Mars' memorable cakes - be still my beating heart! Beautiful handmade full-to-the-hilt-with-love gifts. Days of Our Lives and Young & The Restless.

I had such a beautiful childhood and I hope that when my children are older they can look back and have such vivid, exciting and happy memories.

Thanks to Teacups on Treetops for this lovely walk down memory lane, and thanks to Angela at Three Buttons for hosting This Is.


CurlyPops said...

What a great brought back so many memories (I remember Limits biscuits). I love the photo of you in the chook food cute!

.girl ferment. said...

Hey great memories.

flossy-p said...

Wow, I feel like I went back in time with you! Such great memories, although it sounds like you may have given your Mum a good scare or two! Lucky you didn't own a silo of chook food. :)

Hila said...

Reading your post is a great way to start the day - I love hearing about all those memories.

Lisa said...

Such wonderful memories, except the nails and the poor duck. lol

Love the photo

Michelle said...

Such great memories! Thanks for sharing them!

Stacey said...

What a trip down memory lane this post is!
Crepe myrtle is a tree definitely on my list for our new and improved garden. We had one in our front lawn when I was little and they always remind me of childhood.
Limits - I'd forgotten them.
Lovely, lovely post. Can't wait to read more.

Danielle said...

What a beautiful childhood! Thanks so much for sharing.