Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Day 6:: Hitting The Motherload

when you push this car, it's windscreen wipers work!

this car has got diamantes for headlights!

that little yellow citroen is uber cool.

Here in deepest, darkest suburbia things are not as they seem. Yesterday evening, I went to go on my walk, but a certain three and a bit year old decided he wanted to join me. After some time negotiating that no, he couldn't come, soon followed a rather large tantrum, I gave up. Therefore this six day walker went out walking with small fry (not to be confused with small fries) and a resignation that this was not going to be a puff-inducing walk. No. It was going to be a walk of discovery.

Off we went, completely rugged up. Have I ever told you about my penchant for tea-cosy fashioning beanies out of them for my son? No! Well I do. He has a few. Makes for pretty funny viewing because I don't sew up the sides, so little tufts of hair poke out. Cute attack.

Anyway, there we are meandering our way through an abbreviated walk. I decide to tackle a hill. Small fry decides he's going to run it. Then I spy a mountain of garbage. I'm not backwards in going towards a mountain of garbage. Throw out day around here can yield some pretty fancy treasures.

But this, this was the motherload. Dash that walk - I'm going rummaging!

Small fry scored an old ride on vehicle with a stash compartment. Something he's always wanted.
pretty pretty

I scored.. A bevy of vintage Christmas decorations. There was lots more. Oh yes. So much more treasure to rifle through. But it was getting dark and it was all too much for us to carry back. So I just carried the box of decorations, Small Fry beefcaking it up by carrying the ride-on.

When we arrived home I had a new spurt of energy. Tossed the kids in the bath with their daddy, grab my car keys and off I am with torch in hand to continue this pillaging of someone else's trash.

I parked so my headlights shone on the Motherload. I took my torch out. Checked no one else was around, and went for it.

A great assortment of old metal cars. Any small boy's dream come true. Might even be a larger boy's dream too. A great assortment of books, toys and treasures. I felt like an earthbound pirate.

fear not, simulated car chase only!

an old truck with swinging back door (one door is missing)

I shoved boxes, suitcases and more boxes into the car. This is what living is for!?

But the piece de resistance? Well I had found a rather large suitcase filled with sewing stuff. WoohooO!

I came home, checked in with my mother-in-law and told everyone not to have a coronary when they saw the garage. There were boxes. There were suitcases. But I was going to go through them.

This is where it gets exciting. So I'm checking out what I have scored. Old t-shirts (and y-fronts?!) still in their packaging. I was pretty excited about the prospect of vintage fabrics, so I went for the suitcase that was holding this treasure. The vintage fabric...? Well it was a pair of old man pjs. Poop. No - surely this is a bag full of treasure?! I delve further.. Hmph. Not the score I was dreaming of. Another pair of pjs. And you know what else?! An enema kit. Yes, that's right. An enema kit. No sewing paraphernalia. Just an enema kit.

So, if anyone needs an enema kit, please be sure to get in touch. I won't actually be touching it myself, but if you feel the need to glove up, let me know. It's yours.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a find!!! Those cars and decorations are just amazing. Nice rummaging.

Now as to the enema kit ... I'd just need to find out ... is it new or used?

cindy said...

I never knew you could get so much from this walking business. You even managed to fit in a narm workout as well lugging your bounty home. What a treasure-trove!!! I think the enima kit should go on Ebay that surely is a test as to whether you really can sell anything on there.

jodi said...

you are hilarious! I've done that before...parked the car so the lights shine on the treasure. Not that I found much treasure - but you obviously did. Bar the enema kit - kinda weird.

CurlyPops said...

OMG what a score..those old cars are the coolest. Why the hell would anyone have an enema kit?

Kirsty said...


Such a lucky day.

Laura Jane said...

So did you take back the yukky stuff?

The cars are just divine, and I remember those cute cardboard based bags with the flowers on the sides. My Nanna had one.

Sewing stuff? Do show!

Annalisa Backlund said...

I'm so jealous! Those cars are amazing! So cute!

Leni and Rose said...

Score!! What an exceptional haul!! (except for the enema kit - eeewwwwwwww!!)

Xiola said...

You know what they say about another mans trash......vintage decorations, cars, a cute bag, what a wonderful haul of treasure!!

Sarah said...

Holy Smoking smokes! The sisters are blown away. We are both glad that we like vintage decs - given that there seems to be so many to go around!!!! Wowwee! Actually, did I tell you I picked up a near new CD player today (next door neighbours pile), actually, I think I did tell you, but now it's in writing! Love you, miss you!

proudgrits11 said...

No way!!!! Those cars were in the garbage???? Heavens!! I've never thrown away something nearly that good! :)
I've started looking curbside but haven't actually rummaged--maybe I should!!
You're such an inspiration!!
Roots & Wings

Anonymous said...

Put the enema bag on eBay. You WILL get a buyer....and you may get more than you might expect! Really!!!

Mrs.French said...

Oh my...I was so jealous until you got to the "enema kit." Actually, I am still pretty jealous of the remainder of your finds. Nice work!

Michelle said...

That's the best clean up day story I've ever heard! Who would chuck that stuff out?

Wait...diamante headlights and enema kit...hmm..I'm building a picture here...

Juddie said...


I love love love those cars! They were obviously just waiting for someone to find them and take them to a good home ...

Bec said...

This is one of the most enjoyable posts I've read in a while. Not exactly sure why but it had me ooohing and aaahhhing and laughing my head off - and isn't that was a great post is all about!!! Your described your pirate adventure so well - I felt like I was a part of it. Thanks for such an enjoyable ride :)
PS. Awesome cars!!!!
PPS. I'm in love with that stitched up box at the end.
PPPS. Enema kit....eeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!

messenger said...

What a cool story - I too am doing the walking... not so much treasure yet, but obviously getting out there is worth while.

Very spunky cars. I look fwd to hard rubbish collection days in my area.

Anonymous said...

what a great post it did make me laugh, so glad you went back with a torch! and an amazing haul of stuff!! love that truck!

Maureen said...

Great haul, and it's nice that the change of plans with the short person allowed all this to happen. Big lesson of Going with The Flow.

I have to agree with anon...there is a kinky market for that enema kit. Pas moi!

Those cars are a real treasure trove. They look like giant matchbox cars. I used to scour what is here called Bulk Trash pickup quarterly. I've always called it Big Trash pickup and there are professionals who scour the 'better' neighborhoods. I also used to scrounge the trash cans of the local frame shop for wonderful bits of discarded matting. Gosh, that was 20 yrs ago!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Holy crap in a can!!! That is the motherload!!!! Those old cars alone are worth the dumpster diving. That is so frickin' awesome! Ok, I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a little bit jealous.

Sasparilla Sue said...

BTW, who throws this kind of stuff away?!

Paper Dolls for Boys and Idiots! said...

I have got to get my fat butt out walking. Or maybe I'll drive around in my minivan. But you have cursed me. Cursed me to NEVAH find a stash as good as this one. And you can get big bucks for that enema kit on ebay.

Katie said...

ahahaha my tummy hurts, you have made my day and it's only ten past eight. I love a morning roar or laughter. Great finds!