Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Some days I wish I was swaddled. I mean, who wouldn't love being wrapped up tight, popped into a snug little bed, and patted off to sleep. I know I would. Definitely today.
I've been meaning to post about this for ages, and since today is one of those days, here it is.

This is SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus.

I must admit, when one of my favourite friends gave me this, I wasn't convinced. I am a muslin cloth wrapping gal from way back. I prefer muslin to any other kind of wrap/swaddle. Not only does it have less give - for me that means less Houdini manouevres - it just seemed more wholesome. More crunchy.

But one day, when I was feeling reckless (probably the same day I decided not to brush my hair), I decided I was going to give the SwaddleMe a go.

My baby girl was restless, wriggly, overtired. It's difficult to wrap a wee babe when their limbs are flailing all about. And against my forethought, SwaddleMe came to my rescue. It turned out, SwaddleMe (say that many times and it starts to sound a little like swami - ok it did to me, but I am delirious) was a bit of a saviour.

Particularly good when babes are overtired, their wee little arms are tucked in snug, and their legs are in a little cocoon.

It's all secured with velcro, and is easy to change nappies without unwrapping them, the leg pouch pops down, it's super easy..

AND - this is the clincher - you can easily strap them into their car seat/capsule as there is a back slit where the harness can be connected. Too easy.

I've also read about people that find them particularly useful when they're at the grandparents place, rather than teaching them the origami art of wrapping. And while we're on the origami side of things, have you ever seen this book - Baby-gami? It's beautiful. I borrowed it from the library yonks ago, and it's sooo beautiful. Such gorgeous ideas, and plenty of beautiful babies to get you lactating.

Ok enough. I am off. Wishing I was snoozing somewhere in the sun, but instead, driving Miss Daisy.

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Leni and Rose said...

My sister has that book - it's so cute! I was a muslin gal aswell for bub #1, but maybe I'll give Swaddleme a go for bub#2. Sounds pretty good to me - especially changing nappies without unwrapping...and thanks for mentioning the tips!!