Thursday, 18 September 2008

Have Toilet Seat, Will Travel (Or - The Kind of Nerd I Am)

So we're here. On a semi-holiday. I'm such a nerd on my computer blogging. Mum and Dad can read my blog sitting next to me. That's the kind of family we are. We're tight like that. I blog, they read, we sit side by side.

So our five hour drive became a six and a bit hour drive. That happens when you're travelling with the smalls, and that's ok.

The smallest of the smalls slept for approximately 50 minutes total - usually she would have slept at least four hours. But not a complaint. She was too excited. She was ready to hit the road and was not prepared to miss a blink of it (well not many blinks anyway).

The biggie small chattered the whole way. Questioning "Who did mummy marry?", "Who did daddy marry?" And then chuckling and saying: "That's a bit funny!"

I mentioned a while ago that while we had finished toilet training there was still one wee (pun definitely intended) problem. He doesn't go while we're out. This posed a slight problem as three and a half hours after leaving Sydney, he'd not wanted a wee stop, and I had been asking "Do you need to do a wee?" at ten minute intervals.

Forevermore, this will be the trip remembered as mummy asking if small fry needed a pit stop. But - it was better than what could have happened, right?

Finally, I decided to send in the heavies (ie. me) and say that we were leaving our travel stop in two minutes, and he had to do a wee before we left. It was poetry. As much as weeing can be poetry.

Anyway, my bin is probably pining for me (well I am for it at least). Right now it's sitting out on the street unattended. I'm still getting over it.

Thanks for your comments. I always love reading them. Alas, I'll respond when I am back in the big smoke (while I am a complete nerdburger with cheese, I can't figure out my webmail right now). In the meantime, stay tuned for my mini-break snaparoos as I take you around my hometown - the only place I know where you can do bootscooting as a subject at school. Now that's special.


Kirsty said...

Have a wonderful break! Looking forward to following you around your stomping ground.

Bird Bath said...

sounds like the road trip was a breeze...I would find it tough sitting through a 6 hour trip.
Have a fab break & bring on the snaparoos!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you made it safe (DRY) and sound.

Enjoy your break and I look forward to your photos. Bonus points for bootscooting in action.

momof2gr8kids said...

I used to carry around a potty.. seat.. anyoingly germy.. and not fun. glad mine are now older.. and can actually go

Hoppo Bumpo said...

You're a braver woman than I attempting said long road trip with newly t/trained small person. There is much frog-marching and cajoling in this household. Good luck for the trip home!

jodi said...

have the bed and that gorgeous country road apple bag - i have been admiring it!

Taccolina said...

Have a great visit!

cindy said...

Oh coming home feels so good. Yeah for Mum's and Dad! Enjoy your time with the grandies - It is my bubbas favourite time.