Thursday, 4 September 2008

Kiddie Craft:: Cherry Blossom

Today we tried a craft idea I saw over at The Bird Bath. Such a gorgeous idea, and so easy to execute without losing interest from a little one.

First blowing ink on the page, watching the branch take form. Wobbly lines going every which way.

Second scrunching up the pink tissue. Rolling small blossoms and buds.

Third painting on the glue (we used non-toxic diluted PVA with a paintbrush for extra hold) and positioning the blossoms and buds.

We were having such fun we added another dimension with the leaves.

Afterwards, we continued on with some freestyling collage. Cause that's the kind of crazy cats we are, rolling with our homies. Word.

The Cherry Blossoms were such a pretty Spring activity. Thanks to The Bird Bath for the inspiration!

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Bird Bath said...

good on you for having a that freestylin' collage :)