Thursday, 25 September 2008

Postman Pat

I am notorious (in my own head) for never finishing things. Take for example the day I posted about letter writing with my biggie small. I did mean to get back to you if you commented.. But I just didn't. So here I am to make amends.

If you'd still like to play Postman Pat with us, please email me your postal address. We'll work on something over the weekend, and hopefully, if all goes to plan - your little ones (or you!) might receive something in the mail other than a bunch of bills. Now doesn't that sound like the sweetest plan?

Just a small thing. My biggest little one is 3 and a bit. So we'll be abstracting it up. Don't expect some kind of Picasso wizardry. Simple is key people!

Also, later this week I'll be posting a giveaway.. Excitement to the max people.. Stay tuned.

And finally, the photo that I posted yesterday - well it wasn't the bin.. I put you off the scent though, didn't I? Now you're madly going around all the number 33 houses ripping open the lid only to discover old tins of Snappy Tom (which BTW - are recyclable!) and hairballs, maybe even the missing silverfish.. Who knows.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

We'd love to play!

Kirsty said...

I'll post your small something. Can you email me your address again? Thanks.