Wednesday, 10 September 2008

So Long Suckers!

You thought this was a post saying I was ending it here, didn't you? That I was going to say I was hanging up my mouse, logging off, never to be heard of again. You did, didn't you?

Well I fooled you all. Aren't I a trickster?

Today I found these great organic lollipops (hence the sucker title - get it, get it?)... And this post was going to be all about them. And then I thought, no I'll post about the tug o' war I have been stuck in this week, and I thought, I'll do some natty kind of segue into a grecian/rope style dress that I like.. But then I googled rope dress - and well, you'll never believe where I wound up - at a bondage website. I quickly skidaddled out of there, and decided that tug o' war was not what I was writing about today.
Instead, I am writing about 'memory making'. I've been thinking a lot about first memories, collecting memories, and memory making opportunities.
Some of my happiest memories from my childhood are playing at my grandparents property and building tee-pee style cubby houses out of large sticks and old branches, in my mind they were impressive. We laid rocks out as a sort of fireplace. We'd have two or three of these stick tee-pee constructions in this little valley near a tiny creek. My sisters I am sure could expand on this, but for me, it was magical. We'd check out what was in the creek, and just the building of the tee-pees was high on the fun stakes. Sometimes when we came back the next morning to check on them the horses had knocked them over. But rebuilding them was part of the charm too.
Another memory is driving around on my grandfather Gramps' knee through a paddock. I must have been about three or four, but I remember feeling such glee at being given the opportunity to 'drive'. I was the youngest, so all the older kids really did get to drive while Gramps sat next to them, but for me to just feel included was a beautiful thing, driving over bumps through the yellow grass - mmmm.
I have so many great memories of growing up. I've been thinking, what makes a memory? What makes your brain hang on to that memory, and every now and then why does your memory bring you back to those places?
This week we've been enjoying the leaf boat races down the creek. Our three and a bit year old has been taking us back to it time and time again (we've been every day since Sunday). I admit, I enjoy it too, and I can see the joy he gets from it too. It's so great to have those opportunities to tap into your inner child.
But what other memories is he going to take with him? Me on the computer trying to get work done double-smart so I can do something else? Me being cranky and tired telling him to stop asking me to play trains? I don't want to be remembered like that.
I'd like to think he'll remember our crazy music sessions, when we turn up the music loud, he drags his music box out and we grab any old instrument and make a great racket. Or baking biscuits and cakes together, while he constantly asks to eat a 'sample' (which turns into half the mix), and watches the Kitchenaid turn 'round and 'round.
Or our impromptu rumble sessions in the mornings on our unmade bed. Or even matching the socks for me while I fold the washing..
My mind keeps coming back to this quote that I found ages ago on someone's blog (I'd credit them if I could) - I can't remember it exactly but it went something like this: 'For those first early years, all your child wants/craves is your attention, but as they grow older the tables turn and we wind up desperate for their attention.' It's so true, and childhood is such a fleeting time, I'd like to make this time as memorable as possible.
So now I'm searching for memory making ideas. Anyone got any ideas to share? Tell me what a memory making moment is for you.
- As an aside - to follow up with Monday's post about buying a lottery ticket - well, it seems that the Universe didn't answer that request. Or at least, maybe me putting it out there only extends to second-hand and found objects, and not cold, hard cash. I didn't win a penny. Not a single one. Therends my idea that my luck was never-ending. Hmph! So our search for a non-mouldy rental house continues. Bah humbug.
PS - My formatting has gone again. Thanks Blogger.


Belinda said...

What a lovely post (save for the bad news about tatts, there is always next week there- and remember on th upside you have conquered potty training!). I think a memory making moment (good or bad) involves invoking an extremity in emotion, be it joy, comfort, happiness, shock, sadness. So its our job to invoke the good stuff and minimise the impact of the bad stuff as much as possible. Thanks for putting it out there!

cindy said...

I think that our kids remember the stuff that is representitive of how they feel, if overall they feel loved and validated then they are the moments they will remember and not worry about the times when Mum happens to be human (heaven forbid) and not wondermum and show we can be time poor or frustrated. I love it when I am doing something with Caleb and he says "good job Mummy" because I know he is hearing it lots. I think it is listening to their interests and doing what you can to make them magic.

Mrs.French said...

I think that memories are made by just spending time together, it really doesn't matter the specifics as long as they have our undivided attention. I sometimes feel as if I short B in this department...however, I have to believe the blanket tent we made in my bed this moring will make it ino that sweet little long term memory of his.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the gorgeous post - some inspiration to consider during those difficult moments in a mama's day.

P.S. My whole computers doing weird things - I think it's the Large Hadron Collider...

Taccolina said...

I think a lasting memory is like a moment of being wide awake to something: you realise something for the first time, or you see something or feel something new or stronger than ever before. Let it all run, enjoy and celebrate as much as you can - sometimes the little memories are golden, too.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I've been so tired and cranky recently and have said I don't have time to play more than once. So this was a very good reminder - thank you!!!