Sunday, 7 September 2008

This Is... My Absolute Favourite Band of All Time

CurlyPops set the hard task of deciding my favourite band of all time. So I am sticking with my favourite band of all time - for today.

Who can go past sweaty men in tight jeans, long dishevelled hair, hot lix guitars, writhing around on stage in pure rock ecstasy.. Hmm. Me too, doesn't sound that appealing to me either - they should use some deodorant or something.

Ha! Fooled you... The Strokes..

I've seen them play twice. And twice they were good. They were great. And Kings of Leon.. Phwoar.. Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. Click here to listen to Reptilia one of my favourite tracks.
Hop on over to Three Buttons to see who else is playing This Is..


Leni and Rose said...

Oh yeah - The Strokes rock! Great choice!

Mrs.French said...

huge fan also...we would get along famously.

Beth J said...

ahhh such fun! The Strokes are terrific! You have excellent taste :)