Monday, 22 September 2008

This Is...What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I'm very late - apologies to Cindy at Bugandpop for my tardiness. This is such a great theme, and I can go so many ways. Many, many ways. I have had many dream vocations, and still to this day do covet one or two careers (if it's possible to covet a career?!).

When I was really small I dreamt of being a teacher. That fizzled out.

Then I really, really wanted to become a lawyer. I dreamt about this. I thought about all the crooks I would throw in the clink (this must also tie into my completely nerdy CSI obsession).

Then someone told me it was six years at uni - and that was that dream career's undoing. Kaput.

In high school I wanted to become an actress. But the careers advisor told me I wouldn't make any money (thanks for the confidence in my acting skills, I don't see Cate Blanchett starving). Another careers advisor made us do these computer surveys to find out which jobs would suit best. You'll never guess what mine came back with. A funeral director. Huh? Yes. A funeral director. Hmm, no thanks. For one thing, I don't dig on hanging out with dead people. For the other thing, those people are wearing bad suits and are on a first name basis with baby's breath. I don't do suits and bad flowers are just bad.
I also badly wanted to be one of the hosts on Playschool (John and Benita were always my favourites). My Mum is so good she even rang up to find out if I could do work experience, but alas, apparently there's a massive waiting list. And then some. I still have this fantasy.

So this brings me to the now. I've probably left out a bazillion dream careers in between.

Right now I am dreaming of becoming:
- a bookshop owner
- a forensic agent (though, I don't want to hang out with dead people, so this rules this one out)
- the best mama I can possibly be
- and this is the big one, that I haven't really shared with anyone because it's my little dream - a midwife.

I had two beautiful, memorable births. I am amazed by the female body and all that it can do. It's a splendid thing. I wish everyone could have such wonderful experiences I have been lucky enough to have.

In a few years when my babes are a bit older I am going to apply to UTS where you can study midwifery without doing nursing. Genius. Then I could be Pottymouthmidwife. How's that?

And if I can't be a midwife, then I'd love to write children's books. Maybe.
Failing that, I may have to become a funeral director. Look out for me in a hearse near you.

Thanks to Bugandpop for outing my dream job of what I want to be when I grow up.


Bird Bath said...

you've got a nice broad list of options there. I've also dreamed of writing children's books.
Good luck with pursuing your ambition of midwifery. sounds great.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Midwifery sounds like a fantastic career choice. Definitely at the other end of the spectrum to funeral director - I'd prefer to work in hatches to dispatches too!

flossy-p said...

hehehe, I think you're careers adviser was tricking you... I think he/she knew all along you were destined to become a midwife, but sensed defiance in you, so instead attempted to use reverse psychology...

The opposite of bringing a life into the world (midwife) is seeing a life out of the world (funeral director)...

Hmmm, I think I'm onto something, surely no careers adviser could be so cruel as to suggest you become a funeral director... surely!!! Right?!!

Anyway, here's to your future midwifery!

Laura Jane said...

Yeah! Come and be a midwife!!!!!!

GREAT IDEA!!!!! Worked for me!

From secret dream to living the fream - in all its dimensions. Dream it. Do it!

Laura Jane said...

oops - do you know what a fream is? cos I don't!

BTW I was in Melbourne Sun/Mon and went past Meet me at MIkes in the tram on Monday morning and thought of you. Half hoping you would pop up with a sign saying "Hi Laura"

No such luck. Isn't the universe strange? NO? Just me then....

cindy said...

I am glad you liked my pick. I think Midwifery would be a great one. It makes it sound possible once you say it out loud. Us women we are very clever!

Taccolina said...

Ah, yes - we did those career tests in junior high in Canada - and my best friend got 'religious/cult leader' as her result! I'm sure someone had a great laugh when they put together the lists. She went on to be a blues band singer for a while....