Saturday, 18 October 2008


A while ago there was a song released, or rather, unleashed onto the world. I loved it. It's not my usual tune, I must admit. Therefore, I had to keep it a secret. I didn't tell Matt for a long time. Run out of milk? I'd volunteer to drive to the shops. Need some toothpaste? I'm in the car, radio on, turned up to ten. Just for the chance to hear this song. I'd rock out in the carpark by myself. Oh yeah baby!

Finally this week I admitted to Matt that this song had me wrapped around its little finger.

Thankfully I've found a version that's perhaps a little easier on Matt's ears. And in fact, I am even more in love with this song because Kina Grannis is a real little hottie.

Check her out.


Iron Needles said...

So I saw you at BigCat's for October, then I saw you comment on my sister's brand new blog! She has mentioned reading you for a bit, and I thought I have no excuse now!
Lovely bin treasures!

THE ESSESS said...

I really like that song! If I fall in love with a song I can listen to it on repeat for weeks on end!

Sasparilla Sue said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I really liked the song.