Sunday, 5 October 2008

More Fabric Favourites. More? Are You Sure?

For a non-sewer I seem to have acquired quite a bit of fabric. I can blame it on my sisters. They started it. And my Mum. She's an avid sewer, and currently learning to smock (see me rub my hands together with glee), and then of course, my grandmother Mars is where it all started. She used to make us the most delightful gifts. If it wasn't a handmade present from her and my grandfather, truth be, it was a little disappointing. The handmade gifts were always, always cherished (not that the other gifts weren't, but handmade gifts - well there's nothing like them, is there?) and I think all of us still have them all.. I even think the Vegemite jumper she made this sister is still kicking on in a cupboard somewhere. Though no one's wearing it. Well, at least, they're not admitting it.

Anyway. Back to fabrics. Sharing my stash as part of the extravaganza - no need for explanations up there - I just like 'em. Fabric stashes ahoy - hosted by Pip at Mikes. Skip on over there and see everyone else's stashes.

Today I made it the Craft Depot. Alas, my stars must not be aligned, or I must be on the wrong gridlines, or something like that because - would you believe - they didn't have any fabric paint. How can this be? I thought this was Craft Depot. The one stop shop for all things craft. No. Apparently they carry everything to do a stencil - except the paint. Crucial point that one.

Anyway, must fly - hot date with Simon Baker. 'nuff said.


jodi said...

love the roses & dots...don't love the lack of paint at craft depot - that makes no sense at all!

CurlyPops said...

I'm taping Sime for a later date (I've been in love with hime since E Street).

cindy said...

I hope you amd Simon kept it quiet from hubby since you may still need his help in the stencil dept, Once you get the paint that is!
My Nan was the original sewer too, her craftiness kicked butt. She maded me a birth cross-stich for Caleb and it got lost in the mail, she died soon after - still upsets me to this day.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Ooohhh smocking .... now there's something I'd love to be able to do (can you put small boys in smocked clothes??).

Like these prints - especially the tape measures.

Angie said...

Love the tape measures, I have some of it but have not managed to cut into it yet (I've thought of a million things for it though!)

Michelle said...

Nooo! Simon is all mine! Mine I tell you! (wasn't it a great show?)

I love that you were disappointed if it wasn't a handmade gif. That thought made me smile.

Michelle said...

How lucky you are to have such a handmade heritage. Very special.