Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Spots and Stripes

Last night heralded week two of sewing classes. I arrived, set up my stuff only to realise that I had left the shorts and pattern at home - still left out from my photo shoot from last week. I don't need a brain - I need a personal assistant.

I think I spent more time last night madly unpicking my wonky stitching, than actually sewing. I went a little gung-ho and whoa nelly - wobble, wobble wonky. And for some reason the bobbin started spurting out multiple threads, so my sewing went wobbly triplefold.

But overlocking. Well it warms the cockles of my heart - you can really let off some steam on the overlocker, can't you? BzzzzzzzZZZZzzzz!
So the shorts are done and the top is in progress. I thought last night I was finishing everything off, but given the status of unpicking, it wasn't to be.
And though my first pair of shorties have a few extra threads spurting from them, The Doctor doesn't mind. He's pretty thrilled with them. Though I'm under strict instructions to start his digger PJs next week. Pronto!
Hopefully I won't have to perform surgery on the next pair for the Doctor.


cindy said...

Woo Hoo, the doctor looks pretty stoked with his jim jams and why not! You even have your next order. You are not a real sewer until you spend vast hours unpicking so don't worry about that, they call it a learning curve for a reason.
Ohhh the overlocker power, I was scared of mine and just looked at it for a week, and then once I started it is now my new best friend (is that a sad representation of my life?)

Ellieboo said...

Aaaah yes, the overlocker. How I wish I owned one of those babies - they are special little machines.

Sewing class sounds fun - I want to go too - damn my lack of babysitters!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

LOOKIN" GOOD! I am impressed. I plan to take a sewing class one day. I have for years now. Soon! I love the stripes and the dots together, very cool kid!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I love the little PJ pants. They look excellent!

I agree with Cindy ... not a real sewer until at some point you spend more time unpicking than sewing! The seam ripper is your friend and ally.

Not that long ago I unpicked the same button hole three times in a row (as they say: once a mistake, the second time careless and the third just plain stoopid).

Kirsty said...

Good job! You're own kids really are the very best customers. Mine are always far too generous with their praise of Mum-made stuff.

CurlyPops said...

Yippee for sewing classes...I still get a bit scared of the overlocker thinking I'm going to chop off a finger one of these days..

Bird Bath said...

great effort - the spots and stripes look ace. I've yet to try an over locker.they kinda intimidate me.

Anonymous said...

I find unpicking good therapy! I guess I have to as I do it quite a bit! love the spots and stripes looks great

AnastasiaC said...

haha you're posts always make me smile...i love using my mum's overlocker, it doesnt matter if you're not straight or neat and hey its fun...BzzzzBzzz I like that!