Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sew What If I'm Procrastinating?


I'll give you a break from my Obama dialogue (if you're in the US - make your vote count!), but before I do, admit it, Obama is a great, great man.

Last night - week four of sewing. I thought I was going to finish those darn pjs. Well it wasn't to be. After inspecting my sewing from the previous week, I discovered that all was not well and that the sleeve had an added pleat that was not truly meant to be there. Aye aye aye. This has obviously dashed all my Project Runway dreams.

My sewing teacher kindly unpicked what we thought was the problem. I went to re-sew, only to discover that we'd only scraped the surface, there was a whole world of pain going on with that sleeve, and the only way was to take it off completely and start again. Four weeks on one pair of pyjamas. I am going for some kind of record.

I re-sewed, re-attached, and then - well, I discovered something funky going on with the sleeve underneath it. The long and the short of it is - my sewing teacher has taken pity on me - she's kept the top and is going to fix the mistakes for me this week.

Next week - buttons ahoy. Fingers crossed I can finish. Think strong, powerful, pyjama thoughts for me. Next sewing project, I'm thinking something sleeveless could be on the agenda. Ahem.

After sewing I come home wired (not in a Cliff Richard way, though I could do with a pair of rollerskates and spray on jeans), can't sleep, too excited. I try and chat to my sleeping husband. I read blogs. I'm trying to catch up on my favourites (639 posts to get through - eeek!), and come and visit commenters. Sorry I've been a little slack of late. I will come and say toodles soon.

It's Melbourne Cup Day, I'm not doing much except watching the race (oh and I treated myself to a trip to the Dentist this morning - what JOY!) - what are you doing to celebrate the fillies?


Rach said...

No bets on here. Our afternoon consisted of a trip to the library, a trip to Woolies in search of fresh orecchiette (no luck), a trip to groccer in search of fresh orecchiette (no luck but found some dried - why is that our old Coles always had orecchiette and now I can't find it anywhere?), then a trip to the op shop - always looking and dreaming for that featherstone chair and the perfect sideboard. Came home with neither... And pleased to say that I got a comment on my last post telling me that "obama sucks" - how clever of them.

cindy said...

In the words of a smart and talented lady (ie yourself) Don't stop, Don't give up. The first few things that I sewed up at the begining of the year were shockers and didn't fit. You'll be right, 4 weeks isn't that long considering it is just the time that you are there. It always takes longer than you think, that happens to all of us!

CurlyPops said...

I just lost $5...oh well, have to wait for next year now.
I've been doing a little sewing, a little blog reading, a little of sitting on my behind!

Georgie Love said...

In high school, I spent 2 months sewing and then forced to quick unpick (because I used the wrong stitch) a pair of f*****g shorts. I failed textiles, but your commitment to learning to sew is inspirational! Come on PJs!

Taccolina said...

Keep going! My first clothing foray was a disaster. There's no way but up!

Enjoying cup day - I forgot to watch the race, I was too busy sewing! Ha. Making new cushions, finished an op-shop remodelling AND a kimono altering today. That's race-speed sewing.

mellimoomoo said...

I think you are very brave taking on a pair of pyjamas as a first sewing project... being a non-sewer myself, that would reduce me to tears... good on you!
I will think happy pyjama thoughts for you :)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Yeah don't be put off by the sleeve thing. These things happen to everyone (I wouldn't know where to begin listing off my sewing mishaps).

I'm a firm believer that its good to make all the mistakes while there's someone round to help ... especially if they're taking the garment away and fixing it - what a cool teacher!

Sending good PJ vibes your way!

jodi said...

didn't bet, forgot the race was even on, went to the park (blogged about it too) and it was great because we had it all to ourselves.

Keep going with the pjs...you're doing better than I am and I'm still inspired by your sewing journey so don't stop.

Shealynn Benner said...

Voted!! For McCain. ;)

Carrie G said...

I voted for Obama today...thought you'd like to know!

Catherine said...

Your sewing adventures sound somewhat like my own!
I had to go to the dentist yesterday too, and then watch the race in the boardroom at work, not exactly the best place for enjoying something. Oh and great election outcome too, seems almost as important as our own last election.