Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Week of Super Freaky Happy Happy

Mikes is hosting 'A Week of Happy'. Go over, say hi to Pip and join in, beat the grey cloud that seems to be lingering over our pretty world, beat it back with a big rainbow of happy things.

I've got plenty to make me happy. I might have to post a year of happy.

Today. What makes me happy?

My little dude's drawings. We sit and draw together. It's such fun. I always have requests for train drawings, then I can branch off into free-styling. I love asking him about his drawings.

Other things that make me happy:

- seven weeks 'til Christmas - go stock up on super cute presents now!
- it's sunny. It's beautiful. The birds are chirping. The lizards are coming into our house (gulp!) but luckily The Doctor catches them and pops them back out into the garden
- the big fat slab of vanilla cake I baked last night (mmmm)

What makes you happy?


cindy said...

OOoohh cake, put the kettle on, I will be over. Caleb is not so big on the drawing, but loves a bit of cake cooking action.
Doctor's dad will be most proud!

Chinese girls said...

Very good!

Ellieboo said...

I think this is exactly what I need - a week of happy - Im heading over to Mikes. The other thing I need is a slice of vanilla where can I get one of those from

CurlyPops said...

A piece of that cake would definitely make me happy...and a drawing for the front of the frige would be fab too!