Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hear Me Breathe

This year's shaping up for a super fun Christmas. The Doctor grasps the excitement, he keeps getting me to re-write his Christmas list. Each time it's longer and longer, to the point I had to interject the other day and say "whoa, this list is huge, I don't think Santa's going to be able to bring you all of this, I don't think it will fit in his Santa sack." Quick thinker that he is, the Doctor responded, "Well Mummy, I have a great idea, we'll get Santa some new bags so he can!"

How can you trump that?

Needless to say, I think the simpler the gifts for my little ones, the better.

I've almost finished the shopping. The Doctor accompanies me to most places which makes 'Santa' shopping VERY tricky. And further to this, it's as though K-Rudd has been in his ear, single-handedly the Doctor is doing his best to restore the economy by forcing me to buy random things or he'll mutiny. Kinder Surprises come in handy, yes?
Anyway, this weekend we continued our crazed Christmas crafting. While I did this tree (which I know is a wee bit wonky), the Doctor threaded pom poms with a very sharp needle. And I have to say, the little dude Loved it. Capital L intended.

The little felt Christmas tree was an idea I saw on The Black Apple a year ago. It's been in the back of my head since then, and well, I bought all the stuff, the foam tree however met with the Doctor's teeth and he bit the top off. Hence, no felty Christmas tree. Until now. It's got lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, but don't we all?

Before I blow a gasket and feel like Christmas is spinning me 'round on my head, hear me breathe. Calmly too.


cindy said...

I love your Black Apple felty tree goodness! Did you see here gorgeous decorations that she did this year.
Ahh the kinder god, we workship there too. Caleb has "his family" tucked in the drawer. I buy the 3 pack and keep them in reserve, you know "in case of emergencies please break"

nomes said...

I used to think it was easy to say no to kids, i also used to think I'd never get just can't stop either. Anywho was faffin around found a blog called"Olympia dumpster divas" thought it was right up your alley merry christmasx

flossy-p said...

KRudd and the Doctor working together at last, mwah-ah-ah-aaah!

flossy-p said...

Nomes, there you are!!! Hey Why can't I get to 'Hangin With My Nomies' anymore? Have I been a bad girl and been blocked? I miss you, come baaaack!