Wednesday, 17 December 2008

My Computer Got Out Of Bed On The Wrong Side

I boot up this morning to fit in a little bit of work while I'm breakfasting. Sad I know, but if I can dash off a couple of emails, it makes life run a little smoother.

Only today - well my comuter gives me a dark screen - ominous: Error 200.

Charmed I'm sure.

Action all panic stations. Start feeling tense. Start getting nervous rash.

Call my Dad the IT guru. Bad news. Ouch.

I madly text my friend, Juzzie.

I try to no avail to resurrect my laptop but am continually greeted by the black screen. Times like this, I need to hack into the mainframe, a la Angelina Jolie in this film (I use the term 'film' loosely here).

And there goes my computer couriered off to be repaired ASAP.

So now I have commandeered Matt's computer. It's newer. It's faster. I wonder if he'd notice if I made this swap permanent?


CurlyPops said...

Aggghhhh I'd be breaking out in a sweat and a nervous rash too!
Thank god for 2 computer households

Hoppo Bumpo said...

There's a disaster narrowly averted - thank goodness for the extra computer. Mr HB (geek he is) seems to be keeping 5 or 6 computers stored around our place in case of some great calamity.

Lisa [strickerin] said...

That must have felt awful. Enjoy your time on DHs speedy computer.