Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Fridge Buyback

I am still madly decluttering and trying to break the ring of silverfish that have taken up residence at our place (they're like some creepy style of squatter, except I keep finding them EVERYWHERE and yowsers, they are huuuuge).

Part of this declutter was our fridge. Our fridge (which was given to us) kept freezing everything. My most memorable frozen thing was getting out a fresh container of tabouli that I had made, and was so excited to eat for lunch - to find it was frozen. I ate it anyway, but it was more like parsley sorbet - not so crash hot.

It froze everything. Frozen watermelon - not good. Frozen capsicums - not good. Frozen cheese - not so good. Frozen artichokes - not so good. I shan't go on.

We've switched fridges to a younger model. Perhaps we're having a mid-life crisis of sorts. Hopefully this one is not hell-bent on freezing everything.

And this is where it gets really exciting (as if it wasn't exciting enough - come on, you know it was!). If you've got a spare fridge and want to get rid of it - click here (for Sydney-ites only) to learn about the Fridge Buyback!

The fridges are taken away (if they fit the criteria) and the metals recycled - and you get $35 and a reduced electricity bill (and less greenhouse gases is the best bit yet!).

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