Thursday, 29 January 2009

Just Look What I'm Filing This One Under

Today we've been busy despite the omnipresent heat.

We nipped down to the nursery at lunch time to pretty up the front of the house. I was in need of colour. Some pizazz. Unfortunately I neglected to get a photo of our colour. Though it's not been potted up yet - it's going to be - yes, dear reader, I will finish at least one of my projects. Amazing I know.

Tiny kept escaping out our kitchen door. That baby sure loves to get filthy. Rather than the softest of pinks, I should really be dressing her in sand, chocolate and any other natural kind of shade so her escapades are camouflaged. Napisan and I are firm friends.

To keep her in one spot I popped a saucepan of water outside with her, along with mandatory wooden spoon, and her favourite - a pint-sized ball. Kept her still for - oh - two minutes.

My hot weather wear is one of my very favourite dresses that I picked up at the markets yonks ago - just a little cotton number with Steven Seagulls (or if you prefer, they can be Jonathon Livingston Seagull). Thongs - compulsory (sheesh, just realised that if you're a US reader, you may be thinking that I'm saying g-strings are compulsory - for you dear US reader, please read flip-flops).

And here's where I am expecting MENSA to come knocking. Matt, for some reason, felt the urge to buy not one, not two, but four loaves of bread on Tuesday - AND a dozen small rolls. Given this sudden influx of carbohydrates, I am currently going gang-busters trying to use it all up before it becomes at one with penicillin. On the menu tonight - individual serves of garlic bread. Nigella, need a sidekick? Talk about genius.


Taccolina said...

We're still living off hard-boiled eggs down here. Jeesh, 43 degrees again today. Gack.

Cosy said...

Yes, the mould has hit our bread!

Watermelon. Icecream. Pizza. I can't think beyond that.


Bek said...

My garden is looking really crunchy and not a lot of (nice) colour. I am resisting the urge to go to flower power until this weather cools down a little more. Oh, and you inspired me to do some decluttering today with your previous post.

Leonie said...

Make up the garlic breads and freeze them wrapped well in foil (not plastic)then when you need them just throw them in the oven! Loaves freeze well too, just slice them first if they aren't already!

zofia said...

Ditto, the daughter, unfortunately sand and brown just don't cut it as Fav. colours as much as I like them!
Love the seagull dress.
We went to the shopping centre to eat last night, too hot!
Tonight, hard-boiled eggs are looking good Taccolina.

cindy said...

Glen has rules for Poppy, no pants, no pink and all girlie extravoganza. Poppy has her own rules too, Don't interupt when she is on the pretend telephone and it there is any dirt or goop, it must be spilled, rolled in and smooshed. Oh Yeah!

Kirsty said...

I'm surviving on Lemonade icy poles & water.

Love your dress.

Home Girl said...

is there a special husband mensa? there should be. that dress looks special - full length shot next time pls x