Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sweet Saturday: Guests for lunch, a garage sale, a twilight vino

I love Saturdays. So full of hope and promise. Particularly if your weekend is wide open and free. Free as a bird baby.

Ours? We started off with a visit from my Mum & Dad who are in town. We had an easy lunch, followed by the best cheesecake ever (sadly not made by me), damn fool, it was good. Wonderful to have a very relaxed afternoon with them, and the Doctor and Tiny were both tickled pink to see them and be the epicentre of attention (not that they're not with us, but you know how it rolls).

Grocery shopping. Not so good.

Garage sale (not to be confused with garbage sale): good! 50 cent books - hello, hello, will photograph tomorrow - but some real treasures! Sadly the Doctor was pining after some plastic race track, but his mama declined. Poor Doctor.

Swim: Crazy fun. Tiny and the Doctor go overtime in the bonkers department - they lurve it. Tiny plunges her face in the water - she is one crazy cat.

Evening vino on the back steps: Ah hello night time. I see you ride into the sky, a line-up of clouds in pink are pushed out - make way for lilac skies. And here come the bats. Time to chat with Matt and enjoy the cool evening breeze sneaking in. Welcome.

And in case you're wondering how my decluttering is going (and even if you're not, I'll tell you) - it's going ok. Though as my MIL says, I have to live in the now, not in the past. Will that make it easier to get rid of my stuff. Hmph. I am not sure, but I will try! And while I'm on the subject - does anyone own this book? Is it good? Do I need it? Or is it more clutter?

What's something fun you're doing this weekend?


Home Girl said...

saturdays. such a special day in familyworld. yours sounds magnificent. esp love that you took time out to catchup over a twilight vino - so important to make time for each other and not just go into zombie mode when the kids go down. would bebefit from a twilight session here

CurlyPops said...

I haven't got that book but I did see the episode where he went in and de-cluttered a families house and life, and he seriously made a lot of rational sense. I would buy it.
I do have a copy of Lisanne Oliver - Sorted. She has a blog too:

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm working at The St Jeromes Laneway Festival, greeting and wristbanding VIP patrons, ( whatever that means) that sound be fun I think, I hope, I mean I think I might also be able to see some great music.
I love your blog it's wonderful. I'm not sure if I've commented before, so I'm sort of saying hello too. Awkwardly !xx Jess

Leni and Rose said...

Hey, good to hear the decluttering is going well. I'm nearly done, well sort of. As soon as I clear stuff out, new stuff magically appears to take it's place...hmmm!

Rach said...

Mmm, something fun? I spent 5 hours in my sewing room, which is literally the sweetshop. I cut out a gazillion little bits of fabric and stuck them onto tee-shirts for a big order, made some things for a new baby and cooked and washed the dishes... Oh, sorry, you said fun. We all went swimming first thing this AM, Minnie slept for 3 hours and I had time to smile at my husband. That's a good day.

Keep up the good work with the decluttering. You are an inspiration. Will post your sewing stuff this week - just to put a little more clutter in...

Taccolina said...

Arghh, you sent me to Oprah! How wil I recover from this? I'm allergic to Oprah!

Okay, I'll forgive you: your lovely parcel was waiting for me when I got home.