Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Detention! The 2 for 1 post.

Pre-school for the Doctor is awesome. He loves it. There's been no tears, just pure unbridled excitement. He digs it in a solid gold kinda way. He doesn't know any names yet, but that's soon to change. Once we're there, he is in the zone and plays, barely even looking up to say goodbye. It's ace. The Doctor is really hitting his stride. And when I pick him up he is thrilled to see me (of course, who wouldn't be?) and talks non-stop about what he has done for the day.

Pre-school for me however... Well I feel as though I am borderline detention. Every time - and I am not fibbing - every single time I have dropped him off, I get a rap over the knuckles for something. Usually - food.

It's not that I send the Doctor with junk food. No siree. He goes with a fruit salad, yoghurt, sometimes homemade biscuits, a sandwich, vegetable sticks, more fruit, you dig? (Remember when you helped me with all those ace ideas??) They asked me last week if I could pack them a banquet lunch. So no, it's not the food that's the problem.

It's apparently the way I pack it.

There are four different places to put food.

Morning tea - fridge.
Morning tea - non-fridge.
Lunch - fridge.
Lunch - non-fridge.

I sort out the food on arrival, every time I am in the midst of doing so one of the Doctor's teachers comes over to tell me: please put them in a bag together; that container's too big; does this really need to be refrigerated?; oh yes that watermelon is leaking; can you not put the Doctor's lunch in that bag - he can't open it.

Ah yes, I love always feeling like such a numbskull. Over a lunchbox. Believe it or not, I do function in society. Hard to believe when I can't even manage to pack my son's lunch correctly, that I actually held down a full time job. Incredible, I know.

So this brings me to sewing last night. I whizzed to Spotlight yesterday and picked up some cottons and sewed up some bags for morning tea and lunch. Et voila! The watermelon still leaks but at least it's in a bag now.
In case you're wondering - in lieu of making lunch bags, I gave up the opportunity to finish up my top (which incidentally is a VERY expensive top given how much time I have spent on it).
Here ends my rant for today.


Cindy said...

Welcome to pre-school politics, the first of many enlightening encounters I am sure.
The bags look really good though! Sew to GLOW baby!!

Miss Muggins said...

Oh I feel for you! As a kinder teacher I know that a lot is expected of parents. But really, come on! Well done for packing a wonderful lunch - they need to get a life outsdide of kinder (hard for some teachers to understand I've found!)Keep fighting the good fight!

Michelle said...

The bags are so cute.

I'm still searching for the perfect lunch box....

Christie said...

geeze, that sounds complicated

my kid's lunch goes in his lunch box, in his bag & that is where it stays until lunchtime, the teachers sort out morning tea & nothing goes into the fridge....?!

CurlyPops said...

Who knew there were secret rules for packing pre-school food... how bizarre!

Home Girl said...

great job with the sewing, how cool that u could casually go russel up something so dinky, that'll show those rather mental teachers and the other mums will be so impressed too - i would prob get super intimidated by that kind of crafty problem solving.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

You know what - I have the perfect solution. You could do what I did last week ... forget to pack you child any food at all. No packaging issues: its perfect (in a flawed logic sort way).

Lovely bags though. What a good idea!

PS. word verification is takers - the name of your bags perhaps?

Bec @ honi design said...

love the bags!! I don't have little ones as yet but I take my lunch to work every day in a very basic lunchbag - i think I might make myself one of these!!
ps- I put my watermelon in a container and the container in a zip-lock bag. Always stops the leaks (not sure how kid friendly it is to open though???)

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Cute bags! Go you!
I still get into trouble with lunchboxes - every year it seems I get it wrong wrong wrong... At 4yrs Ella refused to eat her lunch at pre-school unless the teachers put it out on a special plate for her! She was so un-impressed with my lunchbox packing abilities... I'd be eaten alive at your pre-school with all of those rules!