Monday, 9 February 2009

Help. Support. Love. Let's Spring Into Action!

I know you know what I'm talking about. It's headline news all around the world. I know our country is shattered and shocked.

Pip of Meet Me At Mikes fame is acting as a drop-off point and collecting handmade items such as toys, quilts, clothing and baby items. Meet Me At Mikes is at 63 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. Pip has also listed other ways you can help - because at the moment - money is what the charities are looking for - for everyday things - nappies, clothing, toiletries, food etc.

If you're in Sydney the very clever Rach at Grandy and Baa is collecting handmade clothes and toys. Rach has already started work, so if you've got a way with a sewing machine, sew up something special for someone small, they really have nothing, softies I am sure would be of particular comfort. And there are a number of children who have been left with no parents - heart-breaking. It's all so heart-breaking.

Pip of Broken Bits of A Something has compiled a comprehensive go-to list of what else you can do. This includes helping the animals, mobile phone chargers (we all have these lying around unused), land, blanketing, animal accommodation.

If you can't donate money, donate blood, if you can't donate blood, donate bedding, towels, clothes, anything. These people have nothing.


cindy said...

Hi, I am hoping to start up a craft auction of handmade items with all proceeds going to the Red Cross, or charity of your choice to help with the bush fire appeals. I would love any help you can provide with promotion, donation or bidding. More info here

Home Girl said...

thanks for going to the trouble to write this up. feel so helpless its nice to have some ideas on how to help xx

Amber said...

Great how we are rallying together. What a strong little blogging community we have.
What a truely tragic time...xx