Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Magical March: I Dream of Genie (Day 25)

I really do. Well I wish I did. I wish I lived in her little pot, all pink and purple cushioned goodness, a few over the top gold highlights, swathes of chiffon, ah I can feel it. Fake eyelashes that go for miles, are you feeling it?

Matt has a severe case of man-flu, Tiny is vomiting and the Doctor has a rash across his chest and it's creep-creep-creeping.

Feeling it yet?

I need distraction peeps! Anyway. Let's talk harem pants. I bought 'em. I'm wearing 'em. But am I wearing 'em correctly? You see, I'd like to be rockin' 'em, but I'm just a little scared. Can't touch this.

While trawling the internet for how to instructions I found this little cutie.

Sorry for the tangent, but cute, style savvy little zeitgeist - we adore you.

And here's my go-to for how-to. Got any tips on how to rock the kasbah in my harems?

For something magical, if you're not feeling the magic of the harem pants, well here's a shot of our crazily dishevelled craft drawer courtesy of the Doctor and his spur of the moment craft activities. Today - hotting up his cardboard box car with dinosaur stickers.

My piece of magic that I take from this. More doilies. Can't. Get. Enough.


Home Girl said...

this chick knows how to rock the dropped crutch

Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

As to the above comment - what the!
As for the cloting dilemma, I usually try to wear whatever is on the pile with the least amount of child embelleshment, though they do say mashed pumpkin is the new black.

Monique said...

I have just come back from the doctor (we are all sick as dogs too!)and have just seen the shocking rocking of the kasbah display of haram pants. This girl should never have left her house. Am a fan but stick to your gurus rules and you can pull anything off.