Saturday, 14 March 2009

Magical March: Day 14

Weekends for me are like a cool breeze. Or a chance to breathe and prepare myself for the week ahead. I have a whole to-do list to kick through, and if I don't get to cross everything off, I feel a little disappointed.

Tiny kicked off the weekend by being awake for over three hours in the middle of the night. Thank you for that. I've reintroduced myself to tired-ness. Not that we weren't well-aquainted. Tired-ness and I stretch way back to when I was first pregnant with the Doctor. We're tight.

I'm tidying up. Getting things organised. Trying madly to avoid Twitter. Baking. Shaking. Stitching. I'll show you my latest stitchy efforts when I get a little further into it.

Above is a very grainy photo of the Doctor and I. The Doctor is sporting his new swimming goggles. He likes to wear them all day long. To the shops. In the car. Around the house. In the bath. I like him to wear them too, it makes me giggle. Magical little people.


Megan: The Byron Life said...

What a sweet picture xo

My eldest used to love goggles too... wouldn't have a bath or shower unless she was wearing them! This went on for years, I miss her - that little Goggle Girl.
(but the 2-yr-old is shaping up to be another Goggle Girl!)

Hope your weekend is going well.

Home Girl said...

love the photo - defo one to frame. u guys look so happy and relaxed and mumma u r supa hot. gorgeous. baxter doing some similar late night moves. makes me want to throttle him.

Michelle said...

That is the most beautiful photo.

My little guy loves to wear his goggles everywhere too -it's so darn cute.