Friday, 6 March 2009

Magical March: Day 6

Day 6 of Magical March. You've caught me mid-hop. But I'm going to post something magical damn fool!
Magical for us today was making 'goop'. Yes that's right. Have you made goop? My goodness, it's so much fun that the Doctor and I sat spellbound for at least an hour, only packing it away when Tiny woke up (because Tiny would have liked to get her tiny little mittsies on it and probably eaten the lot).
Goop is incredibly tactile. Tactile to me is MAGICAL sensory deeeee-lite! Messy. Magical.
So here's the recipe if you feel the need to magic up some goop.
1 packet cornflour
1 cup water
colouring (optional)

Mix cornflour with water a little at a time so there are no lumps and bumps. Put the goop into a flat baking dish.

You can remove goop from carpet by allowing it to dry then brushing or vacuuming it out. Goop can be re-used after it has dried out. Crumble it into powder then restore it to goopy consistency by adding water one tablespoon at a time.

Are you enjoying a Magical March?

BTW - The Doctor is sporting his 'chef' hat courtesy of one of my friend's MILs. So cute.


A said...

That looks like a load of goopy fun!

Home Girl said...

right got cornflour on the shopping list. that looks like something winter would seriously dig. nice tip!

Cindy said...

Caleb hates goop, textural issues, but the doctor looks so absorbed there. Love it. Imagine Tiny let loose with Goop, oh my, I think Poppy sould be right into it to, and when I say right in, I mean RIGHT in.

Beth said...

That's a terrific photo!! Cornflour experiments are the best!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Goop! I'm going the goop! I can't bake to save myself, but Goop, surely I can do Goop!! Yes.
Thanks for this bit of magical inspiration.