Thursday, 9 April 2009

Long Drives

I know this road by rote. I know where the road curves and highlights the perfect arc of mountain against the sky. I know where the cows take shelter when it's too hot. I know the perfect place to spot crows by the side of the road, feasting on roadkill. I know where the Highway Patrolmen take their naps while they monitor speeding cars. By heart, I know the train crossings, I know just how long it is 'til the next town. I know by each town, how long it is 'til our final destination.

We travelled this road countless times when we were growing up. To visit my grandparents. To visit family friends.

On a long drive, I can feel equal mixes of excitement, adventure, pure unadulterated giddiness and homesickness. I can feel like I am free as a bird. Possibly even freer. With a full tank of petrol, the road is our shining star, to follow it whichever way we will.

If you're travelling over Easter, travel safe.


Daisigirl said...

Lovely post! I love to go for drives on nice days! I have my quilt squares up! :0)

Pip said...

Goose-bump-attack. Shining star... full of hope and promise and potholes too!