Sunday, 3 May 2009

Above Average April, Roll On May

I don't know if April really was above average. In fact, it was kind of pretty darn boring. I don't need fireworks in my life ever day. I don't need razzle dazzle all the time. But just some of the time, it would be nice to inject the everyday with some pomp. Some sparkle.
Instead May. May!! While we don't really celebrate here in the land of Aus, happy belated May Day to those who do. Break out the maracas.
For me, I'm trying to hit some kind of work/home-life balance. While I know I am lucky to be able to work from home, it's difficult to compartmentalize those sections of the day. I answer phone calls with the troops in the background. My son sometimes sits on my lap while I type. My daughter usually snoozes while I tap out some emails. But it's hard.

I'm putting out a May Day. If you're a work at home Mum, how do you make things work? Do you have a routine? Are you a multi-tasking master?
Above is a shot of the Doctor and Tiny getting into facepaints just before we were leaving to go out. I am one of those mothers who doesn't bother washing off this face 'graf' - I don't want to hinder their creativity, and being completely honest, we were in such a hurry I didn't have a chance. That stuff is hard work to remove, dang!


Michelle said...

I think you're amazing to juggle working from home and taking care of two smalls so well.

I never even take the egg off Hugo's face, let alone face paint. Every photo I have of him is with a dirty face. Oh well... I think he's still pretty darn cute...

Georgie Love said...

Well, I was thinking oh this will be curious for when I go to work (university) and do some of that from home as well and then realised um, that I do GL from home every fricking single day. I used to try and d it all when she was asleep, but Adam kindly pointed out that he never sees me and the relationship was suffering, so I try and get it all done during the day and have most evenings free (and he doesn't realise what I have to juggle to make this happen, BUT, he is very supportive overall of everything).I juggle time between her naps. I have to let her play on her own (which is important anyway, but I need to make sure that it's not longer than it needs to be) while I do some things, or I type with her on my lap (as in right now), as I sing songs to her, chat and bounce her. There are no easy or magic solutions, you just make it work. Didn't you give me the same advice? :-)

The main thing is that I let up on myself - things aren't done as quickly as they once were - and that's ok. I still have happy customers and makers.

I also rarely clean. Or cook.

Phiphi said...

I know how tough it is. Sometimes I just have to switch off the sewing machine, roll the cable and just stuff everything in. My "working" time usually when they're in school (about 2-3 hours), and while they are napping (2 hrs). But sometimes, by the time they nap my energy level has gone to zero..LOL..well, I think we just have to take everything a bit lightly and try to enjoy as much as we's like that, they say..:D All the best & have a nice day.

*your kids are so cute*

Loz and Dinny said...

Read your post and have been thinking ... but have no answers other than the ones you seem to already have come up with. It is indeed a juggle and nap time is a saving grace ... and the juggle is one that is really ever really discussed in detail - so we all look like wonder women ... but i guess no matter how much or how little work gets done - the smalls are still winners and would be stoked to have such a ripper mama as you!... i just publicly used the word 'ripper', didn't I?

Black Eyed Susie said...

Me again! Was talking to Gemma of Loz and Dinny about this on Monday. Same goes here - I have no answers the only thing is that I find I have to constantly reprioritise and am always (or at least most of the time) dissatisfied with the amount of work I have acheived. I'm not sure what your work is but mine is entirely driven by me so it would be easy to stop and do less - but I would be less happy overall. I also have a similar experience to Georgie Love and know I should be spending more time with hubby and know it's more important than my business - must try harder!

And in reference to Gemma's comment - Oh, I wish for the daytime naps.

The trouble with being a working mum is, however you do it, it's always going to be hard. As is being a SAHM I should think. I know I need something for myself in the day and I love my work so I have to keep up the juggle.

Bit of a blurb! Hope you don't mind me popping in out of nowhere like this!