Monday, 4 May 2009

A Crazy Outta Control To-Do List

Do you ever have days where your to-do list is just not going to-get-done? Today is one of those days.

- Wake up
- Prep morning tea & lunch for the Doctor
- Drop the Doctor off to pre-school
- Fruit & veg shopping
- Vaccuum

- Mop
- Breathe
- Get a flat tyre fixed
- Fruit & veg still sitting on floor in kitchen - unpack it now girlfriend!
- Cook dinner (for tomorrow night)
- Tidy the Doctor's room

- Change bed linen
- Washing
- Somewhere in here, get some work done
- Play with Tiny
- I won't continue in case you click away
Do you ever feel as though you agree to take on too much, and then feel like you're suffering in order to make everyone happy? Well that's me right now. I think I need to cut back and learn to say no. I think if I did that, the boulder currently resting on my shoulders could roll off. And that would be an ace thing indeedy.

And tonight friends, sewing restarts. I decided to go back. It's a good excuse for me to ensure I have some 'me time'. And I'm not going to stress about it this term. It's going to be easy sewing. Just learning some techniques me thinks. And my teacher promised she'd teach me how to smock. Coolio. I think tonight I might start work on a cushion for the Doctor. I promised him yonks ago, but never got to it. I've been trawling my copy of 'Bend the Rules' for inspiration. Inspiration-a-go-go.
Today for your viewing pleasure, a little bit of eye candy in the form of the Doctor's scarf I've been working on. And some fabrics I'm thinking of including in his cush.


Cindy said...

OMG so feel that way and a little stressed at the moment too. Why is it so hard to say no? Of course when I asked for a favour to do Sydney - you shouldn't say no then - just to the other stuff?!
Smocking is good - not too hard but a really good effect. I think with the new attitude of what you want to achieve you should go gang busters.
Like the look of Dr's cush

the ungourmet said...

Love those fabrics. Really cute. I also think your project up top is coming along nicely!

I picked up an old quilted house coat at a garage sale the other day. I was thinking the fabric will be nice for something???

Bird Bath said...

oh yes, those 'to do' lists seem to go on forever...and you know mostly the things to do for ourselves are right down the bottom. So good on you for getting yourself back to the sewing school. You deserve some time for yourself!
And I reckon those projects are off to a great start.

Monique said...

Not sure whose life I was reading about just then, yours or mine? You know that sewing machine I got for my birthday, in JANUARY!, well it's still in the box because my to do lists need 3 more hours in the day and I never include "time for mum" anywhere on the list. Enjoy the sewing tonight.

Taccolina said...

I made myself a new rule: no lists for non-work. I reckon the things I really want to do will float to the top, as will the, er, floaters of the ugly sort -- and the rest, well, it can wait.

lovely lindsay said...

i love your way with words.
i'm having a hard time with this, too. being me first. me before i am the mama. before i am the wife. before the to-do list. it's sounds selfish but it's so important. you have to keep up with the things you love. the things that make you, you. happy sewing!
love, lindsay

Megan: The Byron Life said...

That sounds like my day/s too... don't know the answer either... but saying no to some things is a good start I reckon.
And saying yes to something just for you - yay!


Home Girl said...

my to do list is crazy too. feeling lucky i don't have the extra stressy work one on there - don't know how u do it. still sitting on today's list is recovering that strange wrench-like tool that baxi deposited in the loo - think i'm gonna add it to 2moro's list!!!