Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Never Ending Story: My Secret Quest For Rocky

Hello Party People - it's me coming at ya straight from Party Central. Only one more sleep friends! One more sleep until we're the proud parents of a very talkative, very imaginative, very funny four year old. Up there - we're proud parents of a minute old baby. Lucky for you friends you can only see a thin sliver of me.

Speaking of sleeping - both of ours are sound asleep. Last night was a fiasco that I was not keen to repeat. Tiny rudely interrupted my Masterchef viewing by vomiting all over me. Bon appetit people!

Matt and I are madly wrapping presents. Well Matt's wrapping. I'm blowing up balloons, placing party blowers about the house and streamers too. Some of the Doctor's birthday wishes granted!

One particular birthday wish however is not going to be granted. The Doctor has been asking for Rocky (TTTE afficionados need no intro, but if you do, see here!) for six months. Six months is a long time in anyone's books. Particularly a little person. But guess what?! Rocky is no longer being made.

Unfortunately for us, Rocky was amongst three things on the Doctor's list. Ouch. I don't remember ever being scarred by anything that I didn't get for my birthday - so we're hoping the Doctor won't notice. Or need any expensive counselling.

I had hoped to finish the Doctor's scarf in time for his birthday, but I am really a slow knitter. Matt thinks I might have it finished by next birthday (thanks for the confidence boost toots), as for the cushion, it's coming along. But slowly too.

Thanks for all the birthday tips yesterday, we're going for a home-stylie party, very simple, but high on fun. So I'm armed with all these insider tips. Merci beaucoup to you!

Anyway, must head off to bed because I know someone small who is going to wake up at the crack of dawn for present opening. I know this because he told me before he trotted off to bed. At least I get a heads up, right?


Georgie Love said...

A quick google for Rocky found the following

http://www.kindertrains.com/rocky-crane-car.html on sale here, but you might pay more for postage since it's OS... If you want it, you might have to ship it in. If it's sold out in Aus.





There is a whole heap on ebay too, but nothing in Aus.

I hope it's not too late and he will be happy with an IOU...


Cindy said...

I went and had a look because I know Caleb has one but I see it got it's poor crane arm chewed up by the dog last week. Hope that Georgie love has got you going in a good direction.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Oh no ... this is as bad as when we discovered they are not making the bloody blue track anymore. That put a serious spanner in the works for our present for 4yo Argy in April.

I can recommend Toot Toot toys
who have takealong and wooden versions. There's also a start-up run by an acquaintance of a friend of mine. Its called centralstationtoys.com.au ... you might be able to e-mail her and see if she can get her hands on a Rocky?