Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Spider Hunter

Lately we've been enjoying getting out and about and feeling the crisp Autumn air on our fresh little faces. The smalls and I have been going walking and park-ing (not to be confused with parkour). When those to-do lists are getting to hideous to conquer, it's so good to be out and.. spider hunting!

Have you noticed the spiders wrapping up their food parcels? The big fat spiders are all about the place around our 'hood. We look for the biggest to point out on our walks. Sounds a little boring. Perhaps a little weird? Trust me, those webs are magical. When caught in the sunlight, incredible.

We've also been enjoying crunching the Autumn leaves underfoot. Tiny's been learning to listen for the birds. The Doctor's been mastering the fine art of scootering. I've been enjoying some greenery and some thinking time (don't worry, it's not been hurting too much).

Please note: The Doctor doesn't usually wear a helmet on the swing. Only for extreme stunt purposes.


Pip said...

SUCH a cute photo. Tiny wants a helmet too. I just know she does. Lovely spidery shot, Lexi-la-la!

A said...

Lovely photo, but you just can't make me think a spider is beautiful. So glad I don't have them here..... I'd need therapy : )
(yep, I'm a sufferer of arachnophobia)

Cindy said...

Caleb is on a scooter mission too, must be what all the cool kids are doin these days.
Very brave getting so close to the spiders, though I guess if push comes to shove the smalls will be more bite size.